Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Bomb

Since I am clearly awful about keeping up with the updating picture posts here instead of doing this one by one I'm just going to photo bomb you with the rest of our summer.  I got all the way up to the last day of our vacation to New Hampshire and then just stopped sharing again.  Shame on me.  So maybe it will be better to just finish the summer off in one post.  So here you have the rest of the Barnes Bunch summer 2012...

Shortly after returning from New Hampshire we attended a fishing event put on by the local fish and game and our towns park and rec department.  It was free and they provided everything.  Turned out people from fish and game actually remembered Joe's father from years ago when he used to be a fishing instructor.

A few weeks before school started I made plans with a friend of mine for a play date at her house and in her pool.  She has a son in Kindergarten in the same school as CJ so we were hoping to help our boys have a few extra friends to start the school year.  Turns out they did not end up in the same class though, but that's okay.  They still see each other on the playground and give a little wave.

The boys had enough swimming so they had fun on the play scape instead

And as summer draws to a close we of course needed haircuts for the children.  Clearly Alyssa was in need of a cut bad.
Alyssa Before

Natalie Before

Both girls After
And that's all the pictures I got this summer.  It was an enjoyable time and I think we got some really great memories.  Now we're back to the routine and hustle and bustle of another school year.  The break is nice, but it's good to be back to a routine.