Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sick boy causes canceled birthday party

It all began at 5 a.m. this morning. CJ cried, Joe went to check on him, got him to lay back down, and not one minute later he was screaming. Joe went back in and CJ began vomiting everywhere. I was feeding Alyssa so wasn't much help as if I had stopped we would have had two screaming children. So Joe took over like a champ and washed up CJ and got the sheets off the bed and in the wash. When I finished feeding Alyssa I went to check on my poor little boy. He wasn't warm or anything and was acting just fine so we were hopeful that that was that. Joe was awake at this point and so was CJ so they stayed on the couch while I went back to bed with Alyssa.

An hour later CJ was throwing up again and then another hour after that and an hour after that. Joe handled it while I slept or fed Alyssa. When I got up Joe and I discussed what we should do about Natalie's birthday party tonight. Natalie was still asleep and oblivious to the fact that her brother had been throwing up every hour for the past 3 hours. So I told Joe that he could take the girls over to the bowling alley while I stayed home with Alyssa and our poor sick little boy. So we went in and talked about it with Natalie.

Natalie was understandably disappointed and also wanted me at her birthday party so she wasn't sure she wanted to go bowling without me. So we discussed doing it a different day, but realized we had plans for the next two weekends and Natalie didn't want to wait so long to have her party either. So we told her to think about it.

Meanwhile CJ continued the trend of throwing up every hour. I gave more thought to what we could do and said hey, why does it have to be a Saturday night? So I told Natalie how about Friday night or the Friday after. Well, Natalie DID NOT want Friday the 13th. I guess she doesn't want to jinx anything with her birthday party anymore. As it is her sleepover has become a non sleepover. Only one friend could come and she couldn't spend the night. So we decided we'd try for Friday the 6th. I called Natalie's friend and left a message in hopes that Friday would work okay for them.

Joe took Natalie fishing. CJ threw up again and then fell asleep. He woke up wanting something to drink. It had finally been more than an hour since he threw up so we tried. It didn't work though. It came back up. Natalie and Joe had come home from fishing at this point. Natalie's friend's mother called and said Friday would be fine, but it will have to be a little later. I said that was fine. So we're trying again for Friday night.

CJ threw up again and went to sleep again. He got up all excited saying he felt better and wanting something to drink. So being that it had been a while since he threw up I got him something to drink. Things were looking good. He kept it down for nearly an hour and now he's throwing up again. So it's a good thing we canceled the party. I don't know what is going on with my boy, but I hope he starts keeping something down soon. Natalie is disappointed about her party and I feel bad for her too. Hopefully she can still have a good time on Friday and nothing else happens to mess this up for her. And most importantly lets hope no one else gets this stomach thing that CJ has.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bring your daughter to work day 2011

Today was bring your daughter to work day. Joe had asked his boss a while ago if he could bring Natalie and he was given the okay. So he got her a work shirt, hat, and apron to wear today. And this morning I dropped her and Joe off at work at 7:30 so Natalie could learn what Daddy does all day. She was super excited to go, although I think mostly to get out of doing school work. Unfortunately for her she still has to complete her homework assignments and I am having her write a paper about what she did today. So not completely free from school work.

I had stopped in after dropping CJ off at school this morning to see how it was going and she loved it.

You can hardly see her behind the counter

Here I am!

She said she wanted to go there everyday instead of school.

She had asked if she was going to get paid for today. I told her she was getting paid in knowledge of knowing what Daddy does all day long. She wasn't too thrilled with that. She did have a good time though.

When I picked them up later she said she had a great day. She waited on customers and put seafood in the case. She learned the difference between different fish. She got some strange looks from people too and one customer asked Joe if she was old enough to work there. He explained to her that it was bring your daughter to work day.

I'm glad she got to experience this because I remember doing it with my dad when I was in school and it was always neat to get to see where my dad worked and what he did everyday. Now granted with Joe working at a grocery store we frequently visit him at work, but this time she got to see more of what he does besides the waiting on customers part.

Turn off the TV Night

Last night CJ's school was hosting a Turn off the TV night. A chance for families to get away from computers, tvs, and other electronics and just have fun as a family. We were all supposed to go, but Joe ended up having to work so I ventured out with all four kids by myself. It ended up being a very nice evening. There were four "stations". They split us up into four groups and sent us each different places. Our group started out in the library with a story. It was a story about a penguin. After that and a little song we went to the gym to play musical chairs. I played too even though they told me I could sit out since I had the baby. Natalie didn't want to play, but she did and had a blast. It took CJ a few tries to get the hang of it, but he sure had fun running around the chairs. Kaitlyn took a few pictures...

Then we went to play Bingo. Natalie won once and then CJ and I won at the same time. It was a good time. After that was Arts and Crafts. Kaitlyn couldn't wait to get there. CJ probably couldn't either because his teachers were helping out there. Over to the art room we went to do some arts and crafts. They had to draw a picture of something they like to do that doesn't involve technology.

Kaitlyn drew a picture of a slide and a bike. Natalie drew a picture of a swing. CJ said he drew a picture of a rocket. Hmmm, not sure that he got the purpose. Or maybe he did. He told me last night when I put him to bed that he was Superman and he could fly. So maybe that was why the rocket? He likes to fly??? They also played with some play-dough and then we came home.

Natalie actually seemed to have a pretty good time considering this was an elementary school activity. Kaitlyn probably would have enjoyed it more had it been at her elementary school with her friends. And CJ like usual was along for the ride, but he seemed to have a good time. It was a fun night. We probably won't do it again because CJ most likely won't be at that school again next year, but maybe his new school will do something similar. Or maybe Kaitlyn's school will pick up on it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

We had some nice family time on Easter. Joe and I were awake before the kids. When they finally dragged their butts out of bed they checked to see if the Easter bunny came and he had. We checked out the loot and then had breakfast and then everyone got dressed and ready to go down to my parent's house. We spent the day there and had an Easter egg hunt and dinner. It was a good time and lots of pictures were taken so I put them all together in a slide show. As I was making this slide show I was tearing up a bit because of how big my kids are getting. My girls look so beautiful and grown up and CJ is turning into such a little man. Can't help but wonder how many more Easters we'll have with all the kids being so carefree and running around in bare feet in search of eggs.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Monday, April 25, 2011

Alyssa Giggles

So Alyssa has been giggling a little for a few weeks now. It used to be only Joe could get her to giggle, but today Natalie got some giggles out of her. I caught a little bit of it on video, but she was getting frustrated. She had her going pretty good before I took a video of it. Figures, it never fails, the camera comes out and they stop doing what they were doing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Natalie wrote me a letter

So Natalie read the letter I wrote to her yesterday for her birthday. She decided to write me a letter in response and I was so touched by it. I asked her if I could post it here and she said yes. So this is what my daughter had to say to me:
Dear Mommy,
I wanted you to know that I will always do my best. I will do my best in school and on everything else.

Also, I wanted you to know that I know I cause all the fights we have. I try so hard to not have an attitude. Being a pre-teen is so hard!

Next, I love you so much. I'm so lucky to have a mother like you. I know a couple of kids who don't have mothers and I realize I shouldn't take you or anybody else for granted. I want you to know that no matter what I say I will always love you and be proud of you.

Finally, I may say I'm grown up, but I need you now. Everything is so different and school is getting harder. So, no matter what I say don't stop caring about me or questioning me because I need you more than ever now that I'm in middle school. Love you!


Well baby girl, I will always love you too and I will never ever ever stop caring about you or worrying about you.

And it's times like these that make me realize okay what I am saying is sinking in! Glad she's still hearing what I'm saying even if she doesn't always seem to think I know what I'm talking about.

Natalie turns 12!

It's official, my first born is twelve. She had a great birthday yesterday. It started off with a special birthday omelet for the birthday girl. Later we took a walk to Subway for lunch. Did a little "window shopping". Then it was home to wait for Daddy to come home from work. We had a special birthday dinner and ended with cake and presents. I think Natalie enjoyed her day, but pictures tell a thousand words so here's the day in pictures.

Eating lunch at Subway

The cake

Here's a video of her trying to blow out her candles.

A little fun with cake

Opening presents

A journal from her brother and sisters

Earrings from Mom and Dad

Natalie wanted to stay up until the time she was born (11:17 p.m.) to see herself turn 12. At 11:17 she ran into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror and discovered she didn't look any different. She read the letter I wrote to her, started crying (because she was touched), and went to bed. Or so I thought. She wrote a letter to me, which I've asked her if I can share here on my blog and she said yes. So watch for the letter from Natalie to me coming soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Natalie!

Dear Natalie,
Boy has this been a tough year for us as mother and daughter. I have written this letter in my head a thousand times too. Daddy seems to think we fight so much because we are so much alike. He could be right. Probably also has a lot to do with you trying to gain some independence while I'm trying to hold on a little longer. You see Natalie, while you might feel pretty grown up and like you know everything I still feel like I have so much more to teach you. And I do. According to the law I've got another 6 years to teach you, but really the lessons will go on for a lifetime.

First of all I so want you to know that I really truly do love you with all of my heart. You were my first born and that means you will always hold a very special place in my heart. I'm sorry if you feel that I've failed recently in showing you that though.

Next, I am so proud of you! I'm proud of how much you help out with your little sisters and brother. I'm proud when I get to catch you working hard at volunteer work. I'm proud of your grades even when I don't say it for every single grade. I know this has been a huge adjustment for you this year. But you have really come a long way since you started middle school. You've still got a ways to go too though. I know you'll get there and get the hang of it.

Finally, I will never stop pushing. You need to know that I push because I do love you so much. I push because I want so badly for you to succeed. I will never stop asking questions and I'll never stop wanting the truth from you. It's what a mother does.

Remember, I have been a 12 year old girl once. I do remember what it was like and all I want is to help you get out the other side in one piece. While sometimes it is hard to look at you and realize that you are growing up and might not need me as much anymore I also know that you still need me very much. I will always be here for you for anything. I will love you NO MATTER WHAT! And I will be your biggest cheerleader.

So my first born, I hope you enjoy your 12th birthday. And most importantly I hope you know that I love you always!


Gone, but still not forgotten

To my Angel Celeste Alia,
Today marks your 2 year due date. I have not forgotten you. Always in the back of my mind. Perhaps a little more so now with Alyssa here. When I catch her smiling at seemingly nothing I can't help but wonder if that's you come to play with your little sister. It's nice to think of you as her Guardian Angel. Please keep watching over us. I miss you always. Until we meet again someday. Mommy loves you!


*Check back later (like 11:17 p.m.) for Natalie's letter for her birthday. I schedule that post for the time she was born.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, it's that time of year again. Spring gets here and Easter and it's time for haircuts. I walked all three kids (carried Alyssa) down the road to the hairdresser today to get everyone looking good again. Thankfully CJ woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday. I was worried I was going to have to try to reschedule at least for him because all day yesterday he had a fever, headache, sore throat, and vomiting. It left as quickly as it came on apparently though because today he has been much better. So finally a day with some sunshine so I didn't mind taking the walk. If only it weren't so windy it would have been perfect out there. We got there though and CJ went first. He sat so still and did just what he needed to do while getting his hair cut. My hair dresser even used the clippers on him and he didn't freak out. He did say ouch once, but I don't think he really got hurt. Here's my handsome boy...
He doesn't have a whole lot of hair. Never really has, but yet it was a complex haircut because what he lacks in hair he makes up for in cowlicks. So the hairdresser had to figure out how to keep those hidden. He has a natural style to it though. You see how it kind of spikes in the front? Well, that is completely natural. No product in that. It just does it. It's in style now too. Hopefully it stays that way.

Next we had Kaitlyn. She presented her own issues. You see Kaitlyn gets her hand on scissors and inevitably she will end up cutting her own hair. For years now the hairdresser has been finding pieces she has cut. Usually it's underneath so no big deal, but this time I discovered it on my own because she did it right up front on the top of her head. Thankfully it wasn't too big of a spot. As a matter of fact her hairdresser didn't notice it until I pointed it out to her. I wasn't sure if we'd have to go back to a bang for her or what to hide it. So far no, but as it grows in that could change. But here's what we got for her...
My beautiful girl. We do have to do a little side part with her hair to cover up where she was cutting. But really it's not too different. Shorter yes, but still long enough to put up.

Finally was Natalie's turn. Natalie turns 12 tomorrow. Not such a little kid anymore. She's getting to the point where she doesn't want much of my input with her hair. And that's fine. It's her hair. She had a picture of Miley Cyrus. That's how she wanted her hair. We discussed it with the hairdresser. My concern was because Natalie has so much hair and it's so straight that this would be a lot of styling to make it have those backwards spiral curls. And yes, my hairdresser did confirm that it would take a little more style time to do. So we talked about maybe more of a Selena Gomez look. That works good for her hair, but Natalie wasn't sure about the side bang thing. She didn't want it in her face. I think she had a hard time expressing what she wanted though. It's so pretty though, but she's not entirely happy with it. You all be the judge though...
I think she looks beautiful. Joe thinks she looks younger. I thought that might not be the best thing to say. Although, she said she doesn't mind looking younger. Actually, I tried to make it look a little more like what she was looking for by parting all of the bang to the side. Originally the way the hairdresser did it it wasn't actually parted like that. I wish I had my camera though. You should have seen her face when she saw her bang again. She hasn't had a bang in something like four years. She was shocked by it. I thought she was going to cry. She has already been talking about growing it out. Honestly, I think it went too short. I think she meant she just didn't want that look where it completely covers the one eye. I think if it were longer she'd like it better. It will grow though and I did get it to look more like what she was expecting it to look like. There are a lot of layers in her hair now and I really think it's a great look on her.

But anyways, here are my three beautiful kids...

And I couldn't resist sharing a picture of Alyssa. Look, she's sitting up already...
Okay, well not really, but she is getting better head control.

I think everyone is going to look beautiful on Sunday for Easter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Gala

On Saturday Natalie had signed up with her Kids in the Middle group (KIM) to help out at the public library's annual Easter Gala. They had Easter egg dying, face painting, the Easter Bunny, and a magic show. So we figured we would take the little ones to the event that Natalie was working. There were a lot of people there, but still it was a fun time.

We had a picture of all four kids taken with the Easter bunny. We weren't allowed to use our own camera and the photographer was pushing through the line so he didn't even attempt a second picture so we could actually see Alyssa's face so this is what we got. Alyssa is in the bunny's arms.

Natalie was working the dye an Easter egg station. So she helped her little brother and sister dye their eggs.

Then they went and got their face painted.

CJ wanted to be a bunny

Kaitlyn wanted a butterfly

Kaitlyn and CJ

Natalie had gone and gotten her face painted too and then went back to work. She was getting a little board and aggravated with some of the children who were not being watched by their parents very well.

When the Gala was over we came home for lunch and then Joe took the two big ones to the park to ride their bikes before the rain came. I stayed home with the two little ones. When Joe came home it was time to get ready to go to the annual Penny Auction. Always a fun event. We won two prizes this year although neither one we can really use, but that's okay, it goes to a good cause. All the excitement of the day though really wore Alyssa out.
She looks so peaceful.

It was a busy but fun Saturday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think he has some sinus thing...

That's what CJ's teacher was saying to me last week. Actually, she has said it to me before. CJ's nose pretty much runs from about mid fall until about mid spring every year. It goes back and forth from being just completely gross looking to not so bad, but he's just the booger kid. Being child number 3 for me if he's not acting sick I don't usually bring him to the doctor. So he has been eating, sleeping, and playing as usual just with the occasional stop because he's got to blow his nose. We are in the home stretch. This should be clearing up soon with him once the nice warm weather gets here to stay. However, since his teacher commented about it twice to me last week I figured all right I'll call the doctor. Get a medical professional to say he's just fine. I'm guessing most of the kids in CJ's class are first child and every sniffle the parents rush them to the doctor so with CJ the teacher probably isn't used to this. If I had to keep him out of school for every runny nose though he would have missed most of the year.

But Monday I brought him into the doctor. I explained that I wasn't too worried about it, but the school is. And the doctor shook her head and was telling me how a runny nose is the sign of a healthy immune system and chances are it's nothing. Just as I expected. But the doctor, like me, wanted to humor the school. So she checked him out. His sinuses are fine, but his ear is not. Go figure. He has ear infection number 3 since December. Not a complaint either which the doctor was surprised about. So we go through the normal drill, if he's not better in a few days bring him back in and blah blah blah. I said okay so if his nose doesn't look a little better in a few days I should bring him in? After all that's really the only "symptom" he had. So the doctor kind of laughed and said yes, but she also told me we could do an ear recheck at Alyssa's next checkup in June. So I squeezed CJ in with Alyssa's next appointment for an ear recheck. Good thing the cold weather is going away. Summer can't get here fast enough that's for sure.

But generally speaking a runny nose is the sign of a healthy immune system apparently. So unless you've got a kid who's oblivious to pain like apparently I do then you probably don't need to bring him to the doctor for every single runny nose.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kaitlyn is 9!

Well, today my little girl turned 9. I think she had a really good day too. She was all smiles and super excited to go to school today. After all, her name was going to be announced during morning announcements and mommy and daddy were coming to her school for lunch today. So we sent a very excited little girl off to school today and I finished making this for her:Those are her cupcakes which I brought with me to school when we brought her lunch.

She requested Checkers for lunch which got a lot of kids saying how lucky she was. Here she is eating.

CJ came too and had some Checkers although he didn't eat too much.

A lot of kids commented on how cute Kaitlyn's little brother and sister are. Kaitlyn really wanted CJ to come out for recess with her. So we told her we could stay for a few minutes, but then had to go because we still had to get her birthday present. They had fun going down the slide together though. We left and went to Walmart to get Kaitlyn's birthday present.

Her present wasn't able to be wrapped. So we had to surprise her somehow. So we blindfolded her.

And boy was she surprised.

A new bike how great. Too bad her helmet doesn't fit so she can't ride it until we get a new helmet.

She requested crab legs for dinner which her and Joe were the only ones who would eat. Natalie and I had salad and CJ had spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner it was time for cake.

I think all her wishes might have come true today though. A super birthday for a super 9 year old. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

Happy 9th Birthday Kaitlyn!

Dear Kaitlyn,
Wow, another year has passed since you came into my life. This year hasn't always been easy for you. You had a lousy teacher in 2nd grade which I'm truly sorry for. I sure hope I've made up for that by insuring that you got a great 3rd grade teacher. You have come such a long way with your reading and I'm so proud of you. I do hope you are really beginning to enjoy reading more because it is so important.

You became a big sister again. You have handled that so well. Such a good big sister always trying to help out with your little brother and sister. I'm sure Alyssa will look up to you and worship you as much if not more than CJ does.

You continue to inspire me. Inspire me to be more open and to try new things. You handled the transition to a new school with a bunch of children you didn't know so well. You have made some wonderful friends this year and I'm so happy for you. I love how much you love life and try to make the best of every situation. While you are care free and sometimes that drives me crazy I think a part of me also envies that you don't let things bother you. I just hope you can learn a little balance with being care free and responsible. That will come in time. You've got time to learn that.

I hope that you have a wonderful year this year. I hope that you continue to grow and be healthy and loving. Happy 9th birthday to my sweet, life loving, beautiful little girl! I love you!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kaitlyn's 9th birthday party

Today we had Kaitlyn's 9th birthday party. It was a beautiful spring day for a butterfly party. And Kaitlyn had so many wonderful friends come to her party. It was so nice to see so many of her school friends come out and celebrate with us. She doesn't usually have that many friends at her parties. Just another reason why our move has been so great for her though. In a short time she has made so many wonderful friends who know just what she likes. She got plenty of Tinkerbell, butterfly, and craft things. Just what a Kaitlyn would order. So here's her super fun Butterfly Birthday Party:

The cake

The birthday girl and her friends

Time to play pin the antennae on the butterfly:

Time for cake:

Time for presents:

This was what the pin the antennae on the butterfly game looked like when it was all over. Notice the one way on the wall? There's always someone that's way off, but it always gives everyone a really good laugh. Thank you everyone who came to celebrate Kaitlyn's 9th birthday. She had such a great time.