Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monica's Musings #4

Wow, two of my musings in one week. What is going on? Truth be told I want to write a blog post, but there's so much little mundane stuff to write about. They really don't each deserve their own blog post. It's the normal day in and day out of being a mom really. But I want to blog! And since this is about my life and all aspects of it (including the boring and mundane stuff) I'm going to write about it. It can't all be fun fun fun right?

*I have spent everyday this week at the doctor's office. Well, at the surgeons office. My cyst is healing up nicely though and I am hoping tomorrow is my last day there. I'm feeling much better really.

*Who would have thought a surgeon would also be an expert in dermatology? My doctor sent me to the doctor for my abcess, but wanted him to check my Rosecea too. She said he knows a lot about this kind of stuff. I guess she was right because he has started treating me for that as well. He says it looks better already. I don't know that I see a difference. I'll have to give it more time.

*I have a 2 year old boy right now who thinks eating and sleeping are optional. He is so crabby. Poor kid is drooling non stop though. It's like Niagra Falls coming out of his mouth. So you know what that means, right? He's teething. And since he's 2 that means it's molars. And that means he is just miserable. Lets hope these teeth hurry up and get in. I wish I could say I could see what's going on in there, but I can't get a good look.

*Every time I think I have made a decision about where to put Kaitlyn for school next year I begin to doubt myself. Go with your first instincts though, right? I'm truly thinking it might actually be best for Kaitlyn to go to the school in our district. A change of scenery and people looking at what's going on with her could do her some good. And truth be told it could do me some good too. I'm beginning to feel that my thoughts and opinions are not as respected as I thought they were in this school. Boy am I going to miss PTA though and boy do I hate leaving my wonderful officers with no one to replace me. I really have to do what's best for my girl though.

*So if Kaitlyn goes to the school that's in district that means she will be bused. And if she's bused then I can put CJ in the 3 year old pre-k program they have. And I know he is ready for it, but I don't know if I'm ready for it. I got a little glimpse yesterday of how he can handle a school like setting without me. I left him with my friends at playgroup yesterday while I went to the doctor. The report that I got when I came back was he did really well. He never asked for me. He did look around like hey I know mom was here where'd she go, but never cried. When he needed to find an adult to sit with he stood in the middle of the circle unsure of what to do until my friend offered her lap and he happily sat down with her. So I know this would do him a world of good.

*We have an orientation for Natalie to go to the middle school next year. When did this happen exactly? When did I become the mom to an almost middle schooler? Eleven years goes by so fast.

*We are all happily getting ready for my cousin's wedding in less than a month. We will spend a weekend in New Jersey checking out the sites in New York. The kids are all very excited and have accumulated quite a bit of spending cash for our trip. And what works out even better is both girls have a field trip their first day back to school after our fun filled weekend. So the fun just doesn't end for them. What a nice way to ease back into school.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed the mundane parts of my life and what has been on my mind over the week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Buffalo Princess II

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monica's Musings #3

It has been a while since you've heard my musings on life. So here you go. I hope you enjoy.

*The past 3 weeks of my life has been spent planning parties or celebrating birthdays. I always forget what kind of toll this takes on me. If I don't see another piece of cake for the next year I will definitely not mind. 3 batches of cupcakes and 3 cakes to bake and decorate is exhausting. I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way. Making memories for my kids that will last a life time.

*Yesterday I had to go to my doctor because of a bump that was painful and getting large on the top of my stomach. My doctor sent me to a surgeon. Surgeons sure like to make you wait too. I ended up having to see a different one than who my doctor referred me to and I didn't like him much. I'm sorry, but the lame jokes while you are cutting and draining the abscess on my stomach are really not needed. And no I did not find you funny or amusing in the least. Maybe if I had met you under different circumstances the little quips would have been fun, but this is serious stuff here.

*I am going to have to go back to the surgeon to have some more draining done. Until then I am packed with gauze and on pain meds and antibiotics. I'm scheduled again with the surgeon who was supposed to see me yesterday and am hoping he'll not skip out on me again because I don't think I can handle that other doctor again.

*Kaitlyn's first soccer game was canceled due to rain on Sunday. Rescheduled for today, but it has been raining off and on since Sunday. So wondering how muddy that field is going to be come this afternoon.

*Trying to juggle all of the kids activities sometimes can be exhausting to think about. But then you throw in there mom in pain and it's just plain terrifying. Just got a phone call from the doctor that they actually want me to come in to do a dressing change on me but the only times they have available are 3:15 and 4:15. Between Natalie having math league today and Kaitlyn having soccer I just can't figure out how to swing that. Going to try for the 3:15, but that would mean bring a 2 year old and 8 year old with me and if I'm there for over 2 hours like yesterday I'll never be able to pick Natalie up from Math League or get Kaitlyn to soccer. They are trying to squeeze me in during lunch time so I don't have to stress.

*I am not usually one to take pain meds. Didn't take too many after my c-section. For some reason right now though I am really grateful for my hydrocodone though. Now if only it could help me find a comfortable way to sleep at night so I don't end up with this neck and back pain when I wake up we'd be all good. I'm a sleep on my stomach kind of girl and that's not something I can currently do.

*I am surprised that it's almost 9 a.m. and CJ is still sleeping. Especially with all the noise the girls made this morning getting ready. Between their arguing and music playing I don't know how he could possibly still be asleep.

*I had recently talked to the principal about having an internet safety night sponsored by the PTA for the parents and children. Seems like an important topic but I don't feel just the parents need to hear it. Somehow I have lost complete control over this evening and everything I have envisioned it to be has gone out the window. It's seriously frustrating me that this has happened, but it's all booked as just a talk for the parents with childcare for those who need it and they want to do light refreshments instead of dinner. I wanted it to be for parents and children and offer dinner to try to reach as many people as possible. My opinion as a parent and the PTA president apparently mean nothing. Perhaps the FRC and principal would like to fund the entire thing themselves.

*Fundraisers have finally all been picked up. Not without their drama either. I really hate the excuses of I had no idea it was in. The information sheet that goes home with the fundraiser gives a date of when it would be in so people can plan accordingly. We purposely have it during parent/teacher conferences because parents are there in the school hopefully. We send out fliers before they were in and this last one was particularly frustrating because I probably called her a dozen times since there was a problem with her order. Something didn't come in and she now tried to order something else, but we can't get that price anymore because they took too long to get back to me.

So that's what has been going on in my head recently.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fishing Derby 2010

Every year for the past 4 years or so we have attended the annual kid's fishing derby at the local kids fishing pond. We get up bright and early in the morning and pack our fishing gear in the car and head to the pond. Then make the long trek up the hill and pick out our spot for the year. Then we wait for 7:00 to arrive so we can throw our lines in. It's always fun. There are prizes to be won. It goes until 10:00 and then we go home and sleep. So here's the 59th Annual Page Park Fishing Derby...

The early morning sunrise

Starting to fish

Even CJ fished this year.

Baby Jazmyn came to say hi

CJ having a drink


Natalie having a drink

CJ playing shy

CJ caught himself

In the last 10 minutes of the fishing derby after catching NOTHING the whole time Natalie caught a 13 1/2 inch small mouth bass. As soon as she caught it she declared, "I'm giving this to CJ!" And that's exactly what she did. She told them that CJ caught it and CJ ended up winning the only prize of the day for being the youngest to catch a fish.
CJ receiving his prize

CJ with his new fishing pole

The kids had a really good time. It was nice to win something. Heck, it was nice to have one of the children catch something. They haven't caught anything the past 2 years. I thought it was great of Natalie to give CJ her fish. Even if she says she did it because she knew her chances of winning something were slim to none, but that CJ would win something. And we have been wanting to get him his own fishing pole. So this was great actually. And CJ couldn't possibly be more proud of his winnings. So thank you Parks and Rec and Fish and Game for hosting yet another great fishing derby this year. I'm sure we'll be back next year. Natalie only gets another 2 years of being able to do this though.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Natalie's 11th Birthday

I wish I could say Natalie had a great 11th birthday yesterday, but I'm afraid I can't. Not from lack of trying on mine and her part either. We got up in the morning and she had mentioned her throat hurt. Didn't sound too serious though. I baked her cake. Got the kids to eat and get dressed. We went to Target to spend the gift cards the girls had gotten at their party earlier in the week. While at Target Natalie began complaining of a headache. We left there and went to see Joe at work and she was looking pretty miserable. I picked up a few things for her birthday dinner and some children's pain reliever as I was out. After paying I gave Natalie the meds and we headed home for lunch. Natalie still wasn't feeling well though so she didn't eat much. The pain meds began to work though and her headache went away. Daddy came home from work. I started dinner and finishing up her cake. Joe played her new game with her, Mastermind. I finished cooking dinner and her headache was back. Gave her more pain reliever, but she didn't eat dinner. She did however eat her cake and as you will see in the pictures she did put on a happy face. But this was Natalie's 11th birthday...

The very bright pink cake

Singing happy birthday

Blowing out the candles and wishing she felt better I'm sure

Licking the candles

Her piece of cake, the 11

Eating her cake (you can see she's just not feeling right)

Opening her presents

A Miley Cyrus CD from her brother and sister

Ooh pretty

The earrings from mom and dad

She made the Eiffel Tower with her new book on the cats cradle

We found out today that Natalie has strep. No wonder she wasn't feeling right. She's doing better already though with one dose of the meds. The doctor said after 2 doses and if she promises not to kiss anyone she can go out. So because she says she's okay we are attempting to do a girls night out with my cousin tonight. Hopefully that will make up for spending her birthday feeling pretty lousy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Natalie

Hi Na Nat,
It's OUR birthday. That's right, I said it, our birthday. The day you were born and the day I became a mother. I cannot believe it has been 11 years. It has been a wonderful ride so far though. You, my dear Natalie, sometimes remind me way too much of myself. Which is most likely why we butt heads. But you are definitely much braver than I was when I was your age. Most of the time I can catch you being an attentive loving big sister to your little sister and brother. Okay, yes it's more to your little brother than it is to your little sister, but I know she has a tendency to be a little too much in your face. I'm sure that will change as you get older though and you will enjoy your little sister more often than not. Lots is changing for you now, but this is all a good thing. I know you are nervous about what is going on as you get older, but this is all a part of life. I hope you begin to embrace most of these changes. Most importantly though I hope you always feel free to talk to someone you trust who is an adult when you have questions about things. Even if it's not me, I want you to always know that I will admire you talking to a trusted adult about all of your troubles.

So my oldest child, thank you for being such a beautiful, smart, caring young lady. Thanks for making me a mom 11 years ago today. I love you always and forever.


Haven't Forgotten

I have a post scheduled to post for Natalie's birthday the very minute she was born. So be sure to read that much later tonight or tomorrow morning. But for now this post is dedicated to my Angel Celeste Alia. I have not forgotten the baby girl who would have been so close to sharing a birthday with my first born. I have been thinking of her a lot these past few days. Probably has a lot to do with my friend having a baby girl on Monday. And of course knowing that she came into this world with the cord wrapped around her neck and not breathing for the first part of her life makes it even a little harder not to think of Celeste. Jazmyn is fine which I'm truly grateful for. But I can't help but wonder what could have been. Celeste and Jazmyn would have been about a year apart in age. Most likely would have grown up together. But for whatever reason it was not meant to be. Perhaps it was Celeste who came down to help baby Jazmyn breathe again. Watching over the little girl who would have been her buddy. It sure is nice to think of Celeste as Jazmyn's guardian angel. When I first held Jazmyn I was instantly brought back to holding Celeste. Her head so very small and round. The hospital hat slipping off every two seconds because it really was too big. I miss you Celeste Alia! Keep watching over us and baby Jazmyn. Keep us safe. We love you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Buffalo Princess

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Total Newborn Overload

Okay, so I just saw the teeniest little baby girl I've ever seen. She's such a peanut. Such a cutie though. So without further ado here are the promised pictures of the newborn baby girl. Meet Jazmyn...

Look at that itty bitty little face

CJ's already showing her the ropes

Don't you dare eat me

Baby feet. Don't you just want to eat them up?

Covering her eyes

Natalie holding Jazmyn

Kaitlyn holding Jazmyn

CJ and Natalie with Jazmyn

CJ checking out the baby

CJ and Hunter holding Jazmyn

There are her eyes

There's her nose

So was it worth the wait? The kids were completely enthralled with her. Natalie didn't want to put her down. CJ was very curious about her. He made me nervous, but he did good. He was pretty gentle. He hasn't had too much baby experience so I wasn't sure how he'd be. He wasn't upset when I was holding her. I didn't really think he would be though. Now if Joe had held her that might have been an issue. It was so great getting to meet Baby Jazmyn though. I'm relieved she's doing well after a rough beginning there. She will be coming home tomorrow. And none too soon either because as much as I love my friend's children I am very ready to have my home back.

Monday, April 19, 2010

You are NOT going to want to miss THIS...

Tomorrow I will be going to the hospital to visit a good friend of mine who just had a baby girl today. So you don't know when and you won't know how, but tomorrow I will be sharing many of possibly the cutest pictures you have seen. Newborn baby pictures are the best and you know it. But definitely not better than newborn baby cuddles. Something I am very much looking forward to. It's the only thing that is making the constant bickering, lies, toothpaste clumps all over my sink and really my entire bathroom, forgetting to flush the toilet, extra dishes galore, the extra little messes that I keep walking in on wherever I go, and the general just not listening from the six children I have had staying with me since last night even slightly bearable. So here's to baby cuddles. Baby cuteness to follow soon...

My Attempt at the Up Down Cake

So remember I was wondering if my talents extended this far? Well, I wouldn't say they quite extended that far. I did have to adjust the cake to my ability. Instead of making the people out of frosting I made them out of cookies. And surprisingly enough that was a difficult enough task. That was actually probably what the majority of my time was spent doing. The cake itself I think looked pretty close. The people, well I wish I could make frosting people. I really should take a cake decorating class to truly learn how to do all of this stuff. I'm completely self taught here. My first attempt at using fondant wasn't too bad though. Well, here you tell me.

Does this...

Somewhat resemble this...

The kids were happy with it and that's all that really matters I know. I worked my butt off. I was pleased with it, but I think I've made better looking cakes. In my defense too I don't have all those great cake decorating tools. I improvise on a lot of things. But still, I think I made a great attempt here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A JumpZone Birthday

Natalie and Kaitlyn had their birthday party at JumpZone this year. What a fun party that was. I couldn't keep up with them. CJ enjoyed every minute of it too. I did get more pictures of him because well he's not as fast. A very fun day.

Natalie got tons of silly bands which she wanted. Kaitlyn got Tinkerbell stuff, which she wanted. So a great time was had by all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If only my talents extended this far...

I want to make this cake for the girls birthday party this weekend. They are having a party at The JumpZone on Saturday. So what better cake could I make than a trampoline? But I can't make this cake. I don't know how to make the people. I've never worked with fondant before. But I am going to go ahead and give it a go. However, I'm not going to make the people out of frosting. Instead I am making them out of cookies. I probably won't put them along the sides like that either. I'm going to try to put them on the cake. I might be biting off more than I can chew here, but I'd like to give it a try anyways. Wish me luck on my version of the trampoline cake.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bridal Shower

Ahhh, the much anticipated pictures from the bridal shower. Things have been so crazy busy here. The shower was beautiful. My cousin had a great time. We had a great time. It was nice getting together just the girls. Good food, good conversation, and good gifts.

Natalie took a picture of me and Kaitlyn snuck in

Me and Natalie

The cake, in case you missed the comparison

The bride with her aunt and cousins

The bride and her soon to be inlaws. She's marrying into a large family

The bride and her mommy

The bride and me and the girls

The bride and all of her shower guests

The bride cutting her cake

It was a beautiful day. A beautiful bride to be. And a bunch of beautiful ladies getting together to enjoy each others company.