Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Okay see I told you I would do this.  Here was our Christmas.  It was a great time.  Christmas Eve was our Christmas with family which was lots of fun.  Christmas day we opened our gifts, had our breakfast, hung around until we went to see Parental Guidance with the kids.  Very funny movie.  It was a wonderful low key day just the way we like it.

Christmas Eve

Alyssa ready to open gifts

CJ's car carrier


Alyssa still getting used to this whole gift thing.

Yes, a truck!

Back to the tools

All 4 kids

They are so goofy

Natalie had no idea that Kevin did this.

All those toys and these two like a box

The biggest kid of all

Me and mom


Ride over

And here's Christmas day...
Santa came

Lots of great treasures

The stockings

Santa loved his cookies

Opening gifts

Hunger Games

A remote control car that goes in the water

Alyssa wants to open it now.

Earrings and a Webkinz

A puppy

Her very own legos

What do we have here?

Each piece she ripped off had to go in the garbage

It's a Handy Manny lunchbox

Kaitlyn what do you have there? An art set?


She got a new phone!

CJ insisted I take his picture with his gift from Kaitlyn

So that was Christmas.  All in all a great time.  Glad to have it over though.

Final Picture Catchup Of 2012

I still can't seem to keep this blog updated regularly.  Sorry about that.  But surely you love getting a blast of our events all at once.  So here's the final picture catch up of 2012.  Maybe my new years resolution for 2013 should be to keep up with this blog better.  But well I hate resolutions because I begin them all gung ho and then get disappointed when after a month I stop.  So I won't do that to you or myself. 

Here is what we have been up to since I last updated...

Creating masterpieces.

CJ's turkey

Natalie's spaghetti bridge
 Celebration of Families luncheon
CJ eating his lunch

So deep in thought

Meeting Santa
CJ telling Santa he wants a chainsaw

Kaitlyn wants art stuff

Natalie wants a phone

Alyssa just wants to get away from Santa

All 4 with Santa
 Decorating our tree
Kaitlyn putting on the ornaments

Alyssa helping

Daddy helping Alyssa

Reach up high Kaitlyn

CJ decorating the tree

Natalie the goof ball

Why is she doing the low ones?

Joe decorating the tree

Alyssa decorating the tree

Hi Natalie

Hard at work

Our new ornament this year from NH

The best view of the Christmas tree

All done

He's so handsome
 December also brought a trip into NYC
Kaitlyn on the train

Alyssa on the train

CJ on the train

The ticket taker gave him a smiley face, he had to have his picture taken with it.

Who's smile is better?

Time Square

The ferris wheel in Toys R Us

Meeting Mario and Mickey

Don't they look thrilled?

The sights of the city

The tree at Rockefeller Center

We made it!
 And finally we have PJ day at the kids school
Kaitlyn and CJ on PJ day!

CJ went to school like this

Kaitlyn went to school like this
 I was going to put Christmas on here too, but this was getting rather long.  So look out for a 2nd post of Christmas Eve and Christmas day from us.  I promise I won't forget, I'm doing it right now.