Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally, after 3+ Weeks

we got the girls their beds. We had to go to a different place to get them. Bedding Barn did call Friday to say that they would have it in on Tuesday. Too late though. I found a nice bed, cheaper at Ikea. We went with friends to Ikea yesterday for breakfast and shopping. They got a dresser and we got bunk beds.

We all came back to our house to put the bunk beds together. The kids played and ate. The men put the bunk beds together. The women watched it all happen. And when it was done we cleaned up. Then went back to our friends house for dinner and to put together their dresser. It was a long day.

Today we finished the girls room. Moved Natalie's desk and Kaitlyn's dresser. Got everything just so. Although, we do still need a tall book case for the girls books and games it's all coming together.

CJ enjoying the girls new room set up

The girls in their new beds with their new lights on over their heads

The girls are so excited to have their bunk beds. My surprise did not work out as well as I had wanted it to, but we have their beds and we paid less for them. I actually like the looks of this one better than the metal one we had originally purchased. Sorry Bedding Barn, in spite of the difficult to follow directions from Ikea and having to put the bunk bed together and deliver it to ourselves we are much much happier with what we ended up getting. I'm afraid you have lost a customer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Weeks + for a Bunk Bed

As a surprise for the girls we purchased a bunk bed for them 3 weeks ago today. We knew it was on back order. We were told it wouldn't be any more than 3 weeks for it to be in. Well, okay, the price was right and it was a good sturdy bunk bed so we did it. We patiently waited for the call that the bunk bed was in. When I didn't hear anything yesterday I gave them a call to check on the status of it. I was told that they needed to make a phone call and would call me back. I heard nothing.

So first thing this morning I called to find out the status. Still, they hadn't heard anything and were waiting to hear back from the manufacturer. Again, they would call me back. So I waited all day long and heard nothing. So I called again. And while on the phone being told they hadn't heard anything amazingly they were getting a call from the manufacturer. So I waited on hold forever to finally be told that now they are saying it will be in Wednesday or Thursday of NEXT week. What? Seriously? This is a bunk bed we are talking about here. I already paid for it. I already waited the 3 weeks that you said would be the most, but now you are telling me to wait longer. This is not acceptable. So I was told I could have a manager call me back. I said yes I would like to speak to a manager and it had better be today.

Thinking I'd hear nothing again I hung up. Surprisingly though I did get a call right back. However, the manager was ummmm, well less than helpful. I told her I was told it wouldn't be anymore than 3 weeks and she told me no that was not what I was told. That made me angry because when I was in the Bedding Barn purchasing the bed there was only one other person in the store and that was the employee I purchased the bed from. Nope, no manager there. I asked her if she was there. I was pretty irate at this point so I probably raised my voice. She told me she wasn't going to talk to me if I was going to yell. I said to her listen you have my money and I have nothing. You were not there when I made the purchase and have no idea what I was told. So don't try telling me I was not told something that I was told. She said there's nothing she can do for me it's the manufacturer and it will get in when it gets in and it should probably be in next week. Okay so I asked her what's going to happen next week when it's not in. You have my money and I have nothing. I told her I wanted to cancel my order. She told me that was fine. I told her I'd tell all of my friends of this experience and to not shop at Bedding Barn. She was not phased. She did offer to give me a loaner bed. That is more of a hassle though. It's not that my kids don't have a bed because they do. It's just I'm trying to give them a little more room in their bedroom. And having a bed delivered and set up and then taken back when the other one arrives is too much. I told her to cancel my order three times before she finally did it. I'm supposed to be getting my money back. I guess we'll see if I do. So now I have no bunk bed for my girls. No surprise for them either because I'm sure they heard me going back and forth about this on the phone.

I went to make an online complaint and search for another bunk bed to purchase. I think I found one for half the price at Ikea that I like. Bedding Barn called me back though. It was an even higher up person this time though who was much more pleasant to deal with and obviously did not want to lose me as a customer. He has offered to take $50 off the price of the bed if I still want it. I told him I wasn't sure and I'd have to talk to my husband. Now he's saying he's hearing 10-14 days before it will be in so that's even longer than the Wednesday or Thursday of next week. It's really not looking promising. He's supposed to call me if they ever get it in. They are offering me the $50 off and still the free delivery. Joe wants to just completely forget about it. I say if we don't end up finding another one by the time they call me then we should just take them up on their offer. But I'm really liking the bed at Ikea. The price is right too. It's just going to come down to whether or not they can deliver it.

But if you have a Bedding Barn around you don't believe their slogan of everything in stock deliver and take home today or satisfaction guaranteed because really it took an awful lot of yelling and frustration and eventually me canceling my order to get any sort of compensation for not having the item in stock. They are claiming customs problems, but three weeks held up in customs? I mean come on. I think you need to find a new manufacturer. I hope we can get our girls their bunk bed. Too bad we can't keep it the surprise we were trying to make it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Internet Safety

It has come to my attention recently that a lot of my children's friends have Facebook pages. My children only being 10 and 7 this really alarms me. What alarms me even more is the things I've been reading on some of these children's pages. And mind you I am not their friends on Facebook, but I can see all of this stuff. If I can see this stuff some other person up to no good can see this stuff too. Just not very safe. And now of course my children are like I want Facebook. And I'm all no way. Facebook is not appropriate for my 10 and 7 year old. There is no reason they need it. They can barely type. Kaitlyn can barely read. I hardly let them on the computer. And aside from all of this Facebook rules state no one under the age of 13.

So anyways, this has all been weighing on my pretty heavy. How do I get these parents to see what they are exposing their children to? Then I thought, hey, I'm the PTA president. The PTA should host an internet safety night. Not entirely sure how to go about doing this yet. I will figure it out though. I will talk to the principal about it too. Never really thought I'd have to be talking to my children and their friend's parents about internet safety at this age, but hey if this is a way to get them thinking twice then we should do it.

Now, I'm not sure that these particular parents who I know are exposing their children to this danger will come. And I of course cannot make them come. I hope all parents will take this seriously. We talk to our children about stranger danger, but they think that person they are talking to on the internet is their friend. They don't know what they could be getting themselves involved with or that the other person on the other end of that computer who is saying they too are 10 years old is some 50 year old sicko preying on little children. And the only way they are going to be saved from this is if parents are watching what their children are doing on the internet. A 10 year old girl should not have a Facebook page with info on it to the public that says she's single, looking for friendship, and interested in men. It's just not appropriate. A 10 year old girl's wall should not be visible to all of the public and on it you can see at one time her "relationship status" was in a relationship with lines of comments on it from other children asking about her relationship and talking about kissing a boy. This is not what 10 year old girls need to be thinking about. This is not what my 10 year old girl thinks about. She doesn't want to kiss a boy. And that makes me happy. She thinks it's gross and boys are gross. I know she won't always feel that way, but at 10 this is a very age appropriate way for her to feel. And that's what I'm all about. Age appropriate behavior.

So Monday, the kids are back to school and I plan on meeting with the principal to talk to him about this. After all, this is part of what the PTA is there for to help the parents. Hopefully the parents that I know are allowing their children on Facebook will come. If they don't come then hopefully a good friend of there's comes and gives them the information. Hopefully this will help save a child.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Vacation Sickness

It's February vacation week. We started it off partying hard and then crashed pretty hard. It started Sunday night when we were watching our friend's kids for the evening. Their son was throwing up. They thought he had over ate. He didn't stop though. And then early Monday morning Kaitlyn started throwing up. And as the day wore on Monday Natalie started not feeling well. She wasn't hit as hard. Eventually I heard that our friend's other son was throwing up too. Then Tuesday we got up and everyone was feeling better except Kaitlyn was having "bladder trouble". Her words. She felt like she had to go, but couldn't go. Well, I knew what that sounded like so I called the doctor. Got an appointment for her later that afternoon.

So in the snow we drove to the doctor's office. As we pulled into the parking lot CJ threw up on himself. Ugh, the one I was hoping and praying wouldn't get it has now gotten it. Kaitlyn most likely has a bladder infection. The urinalysis didn't show anything so they are doing cultures, but in the meantime Kaitlyn is on antibiotics. CJ threw up in the doctor's office. They kindly gave us a change of clothes for him and a bag for his dirty shirt. I made the terrifying drive home in the snow and CJ threw up again just before we got home. I cleaned CJ all up and put him down in his crib to rest. Then I started feeling bad. It hit me too. I spent the night between the bathroom and the couch. Joe cooked dinner for him and the girls. I did manage to do some laundry. CJ ended up in the bed with us for the night.

Today I started off the day very achy, tired, and weak. CJ spent the day on the couch not moving much and whining a lot. He's not really eating, but he is drinking. He hasn't thrown up again and so far knock on wood Joe hasn't gotten this too. It hasn't been the most fun February vacation week though that's for sure. At least no one is missing any school for this. Now I am off to give Kaitlyn another dose of her medicine and try to catch up on some of the extra laundry I have gotten over the past few days.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Cake Coma

Don't mind if you don't hear from me in a while. I'm in a birthday cake coma from the weekend. 3 children's birthday parties in 2 days will do that to you. But hey check out the awesome cakes the people I know can make...

Hunter's 6th birthday

Kyle's 8th birthday

and Bianca's 5th birthday

Yeah, I'd say that's enough cake to put anyone in a birthday cake coma. Good thing we are on February vacation and I can recoup a little from the go go go weekend.

Valentine's Day

People are shocked when I tell them my husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, we used to. When we were dating and before we got married. But our anniversary is 2 weeks after Valentine's day. There just doesn't seem to be much of a point. Every other couple is going out on this night and exchanging gifts. I think it's more special when it's just us. I also enjoy flowers from my husband much more when they come on a day that every other woman on the planet wasn't getting them.

So just FYI, when I say we don't celebrate Valentine's Day that is because I truly do not care to celebrate Valentine's Day. We make the Valentine's for the kids to bring to school and sometimes even get them a little something special, but the best present my husband can give me on Valentine's day is nothing. Just a hug and a kiss like any other day. I don't need anything else from him just because everyone else is doing it. We tell our kids not to follow the crowds, so I'm not following the crowds on Valentine's Day.

So this year our Valentine's day is being spent at our grand nieces 5th birthday party. Then we come home from that and are watching our friends four children so they can go out for a nice dinner on Valentine's day just the two of them. We will keep their kids overnight so they don't feel they have to rush back or anything to get them and can just have a nice relaxing evening out. We probably won't get any sleep and I know we will have a very noisy house. But you know what that is just how I want to spend my Valentine's Day. No amount of cards or flowers from my husband will improve the day.

When March 4th rolls around though and it's our anniversary, then I expect a little romance from my husband. I really truly do not need nor want it on Valentine's day though. All my idea. My husband is not in the dog house if he doesn't get me anything. And I don't get him anything in spite of saying no gifts on Valentine's Day. It's just another day to me where everyone happens to be wearing red and pink.

Happy Valentine's Day to those who do believe in celebrating the day though!

Friday, February 12, 2010

McDonald's Night 2010

We had our 2nd McDonald's night to help raise money for the school PTA on Tuesday night. We had a great turn out. Everyone was anticipating no school the next day because of the pending storm. And that's just what we got too. Awesome! So seemed that people came out in droves. We managed to raise $407. Not bad at all considering that's 15% of the sales for 3 hours of the evening. And who can resist all of this fun...


Our friend Hunter eating dinner with Natalie and Kaitlyn

CJ and his "Lola" aka soda

Natalie getting creamed by our friend Ron

Licking off the whipped cream

Still licking

Finally a napkin


Ron making nice with Natalie

CJ checking out our friend Marybeth's pictures

Natalie not pleased that Noah gave her a hug

Natalie finally got away from Noah and with her BFF Alysha

So seriously, what's not to like? Good friends and lots of fun and a whip cream fight. It doesn't get any better than that.

D.A.R.E Graduation

Yesterday Natalie graduated from the D.A.R.E program. D.A.R.E stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. For 9 weeks the fifth graders get to meet with a police officer from the city and learn about drugs and the consequences of doing them. Every week Natalie would come home telling us how bad drugs and alcohol were. She seemed to really enjoy the program. Hopefully she takes something out of it too.

The school did a little graduation for the kids which they invited the parents to. So of course I showed up with camera in tow ready to video the whole thing, but then I realized my memory card was almost full. So instead I got just a few pictures. And sadly the ones of her actually receiving her "diploma" did not come out good, but I got some good shots of her.

Our friend receiving his diploma

Natalie receiving her diploma

Natalie after the graduation

Natalie with her teacher, Mrs. Hurlbert

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here's how it Goes

So you know how kids think they know everything? It doesn't matter that we've been through the things they are going through now. Mom just does not understand. Those were the sobs I heard a few weeks ago when Natalie came home from drama after receiving the part of a tree, a rock, and a plant. "Mom, you just don't understand!" I tried to tell her that she needed to work her hardest and be the best darn rock, tree and plant anyone had ever seen. She rolled her eyes at me. I tried to tell her to just have fun with it. She rolled her eyes at me. I tried to tell her to be happy for her friends. She rolled her eyes at me. I tried to tell her how when I was in school I never got the lead in any plays I was in, but the chorus was just fine because I was having fun with my friends. She rolled her eyes at me.

Then today, she had the opportunity to leave school early. I was there for her DARE Graduation and could have taken her home after. Of course I had to pick up Kaitlyn and have a conference with her teacher and Natalie had drama. "But Mom, Alejandro is leaving and he's in drama." And I being the mean mom told her she had to stay. I brightened her day by allowing Grandpa to be the one to come back and pick her up and then take her out to dinner though.

So later in the evening when she finally was home for the night I got the news. She was no longer a rock, a tree, and a plant in the play the Jungle Book. Nope, the very boy that she was pointing out to me earlier that was leaving early and not going to drama was the very part she was given today. He had missed a few practices and was goofing around, but Natalie's good attendance and hard work and good behavior paid off. She is now Bagheera the Panther in the Jungle Book. She now has a solo singing part. She now has lines. She now has a smile on her face about drama. She will most likely be sharing the part with the other boy. As in he will do the day time performance and Natalie will do the evening performance. And you know what? She wasn't even their first pick to share the part with this boy. Originally they tried it with a different girl, but she got shy during the solo singing part so they let Natalie give it a go. And Natalie did it! I'm proud of her. I'm hoping maybe this experience has taught her that sometimes I just might know what I'm talking about. She's been feeling a bit defeated this year. She works hard which has meant extra trust from her teacher. But that also means she has ended up with having assignments due on Monday because she can be trusted to hand it in on time without a lot of reminders. I think she was beginning to wonder what's the point? I put in all of this hard work and for what? Now it has truly paid off and gotten her something she really wanted. Either way though, a panther, or a rock, a tree, and a plant I would have been proud of her. And I would have been there cheering her on. And I would have been the loud obnoxious mom standing up and screaming her name at the end of the show just like I did today at her DARE graduation. But now at least she's happy with what she's doing and she might not feel like she's missing out on something every time she goes to Drama.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Week with Buster

Well, today is one week since we officially became dog owners. Things have been going very well. Buster is a very good dog. He has only had one accident. We got him checked out by the Vet on Thursday and he was very impressed at how laid back he is.

He has been getting more and more comfortable with us I think. CJ he tends to try to stay away from. Hard to do sometimes. He has growled at him a few times and nipped at him a little, but nothing major. Honestly, CJ deserves it. For the most part Buster stays by me. If I go to the bathroom or take a shower he's right there waiting outside the door for me when I come out. If I get up to go get something to eat or do something in another room he follows. When I come home he gets very excited to see me and jumps up to greet me.

He is a funny dog. He likes to dance. He gets up on his hind legs and bounces around. It's really funny to watch. Maybe he's part Jack Russel Terrier :). He loves socks. Clean or dirty he doesn't care. He picks them up and carries them around. So we have to watch to make sure all socks are out of his reach. He does pretty good on the leash. We have quite a few dogs in the neighborhood that make all sorts of noise as we walk by, but Buster just kind of looks up and then keeps on going.

He doesn't bark much. We have been surprised at his bark though. I think we were all expecting this small yappy bark out of him given his size and looks. But it's this deep raspy kind of bark. Very shocking really. He still barks when we leave him alone in his crate. We have been letting him stay out most times. But if we're going out for long periods of time then we crate him just for his own safety really.

He does seem to sleep a lot. That's been a bit of a bummer to the girls. He's not super playful. It doesn't take much for them to get him up and playing though.

He has been getting much more comfortable around here I can tell. A few times he has jumped up on the couch. He quickly gets off though. He found himself a hiding place from CJ behind the couch too. We prefer that he not go back there though so we've had to block him from getting back there. He knows the routine though. And when Joe and I get up and turn off the TV and all of the lights he heads for the bedroom. Such a quick learner. He even responds to Buster already.

He really is a very good dog and we can't understand how anyone could not have come forth to claim him. I don't think we could have asked for a better behaved dog.