Monday, May 21, 2012

Beginner Band Concert

Tonight was Kaitlyn's band concert.  I got it on video so those of you who couldn't make it tonight can see.  They have come a long way in just a year.  I look forward to seeing how Kaitlyn grows as a clarinetist.  She seems to really enjoy it.  Unfortunately, you can't really see her in the video because she was behind someone else.  So this is more for your listening pleasure than your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alyssa Shares Her 15 Month Checkup

Hey people, it's me Alyssa again.  Time for another update from me.  Seems these only happen when I have to go to that evil doctor lady.  I really don't know why Mommy and Daddy keep bringing me there.  All that woman ever does is tick me off.  But Mom and Dad seem to think it's important and like finding out how much I'm growing.

Speaking of growing, the doctor isn't too pleased with how I'm growing again.  I'm below the 5th %tile, but I was last time too so I'm not too sure what the deal is.  So I'm only 17 pounds 10 ounces and 28 inches tall.  What can I say, I'm petite.  There was some talk of Pediasure, whatever that is.  What I didn't like is they want me drinking less milk.  Seriously, don't these people know how good that stuff is?  It was so good that I had to say enough is enough with Mommy's milk.  Maybe I'll just start demanding everything Daddy eats from now on so I don't have to give up my milk.

Lets see, what else.  Oh yeah so I'm not talking these days.  Mommy told the doctor and now they want me to go to this Birth To Three thing.  I don't know, Mommy seems excited about it.  Something about more eyes watching me grow.  Jokes on them though because all those words they want me to say I can totally say, but it's so much more fun to scream to get my way.  I also have to go see some doctor called an audiologist.  I sure hope this one isn't so touchy feely and pokey pokey with me.  Mommy says I hear just fine though so I guess this is just procedure.

Oh yeah and I have had this rash for like ever.  It comes and goes and Mommy has been trying so hard to keep it at bay.  Finally the doctor took it seriously.  That thing itches and it hurts.  But not as much as what that doctor did to me.  O. M. G. she cut me to take some sort of sample.  Well, the worst was she had all these people that I don't know holding me down.  Did NOT like that at all!  But now I have this new medicine and have to take bleach baths.  There was something about a strep or staph infection.  I guess that's why they took the sample to see just what it is.  All I know is this better get better now.

Things certainly didn't get better with that appointment though.  After they tortured me by pinning me down then they stuck two needles in me.  Seriously, enough is enough already with the needles.  The doctor got a good listen to my lungs though.  She says I sure have a good set of them.

Hey, here are some more pictures of me from when I turned 15 months...

Pucker up!

Pfff, more pictures?

Concentrating hard

Who do I call to make the pictures stop?

So lots going on.  I don't know when I go back to the doctor again.  I vote for never.  Oh and you know I'm having a blast walking everywhere.  This walking stuff is awesome!  I can get so many places.  So much fun.  So until next time this is Alyssa saying so long!

Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

I am doing this stuff all out of order.  Oh well, you get the idea of what we were doing the last week of April.  So April 26th was Bring Your Daughter to work day.  So since Natalie went to work with Joe last year it was Kaitlyn's turn this year.  Natalie wasn't too pleased about it and since I was recently contracted to do some PLR (Public Label Rights) work I said she could say home with me and learn the fine art of blogging, PLR, taking care of the house, and children.  She was excited about that.  Joe didn't think it was fair since Kaitlyn didn't stay home with me last year, but I also wasn't getting paid for any of my work last year.  It wasn't all fun and games around here either like Natalie was expecting.

But here's Kaitlyn going off to work with daddy...

Kaitlyn in a Stop and Shop uniform
 And then when Natalie and I got a chance to sit down after getting CJ off to school and Joe and Kaitlyn off to work and cleaning up the living room and the kitchen and changing diapers and feeding Alyssa breakfast and and and (you know all that mom stuff) I snapped a picture of me and Natalie.
Still smiling, I don't think I worked her hard enough.
It was at this point Natalie and I started working on google searching for PLR sites and then I got a phone call from my boss.  Once I got off the phone it was back to google we went.  And then before we knew it CJ was getting home from school and Alyssa was getting up from her nap and it was time to get lunch for everyone.

I think Natalie realized that maybe the working world isn't so great.  Kaitlyn had fun with Joe at work learning all about seafood.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fishing Derby 2012

Last year we missed the fishing derby because it was cold and raining.  This year everyone was itching to go.  Especially Natalie since it's the last year she actually gets to participate.  However, Alyssa had gotten sick Thursday night last week.  Friday she kept bouncing back and forth with a fever and wasn't eating.  By the evening I thought she was doing better though until after we had put her to bed.  She spiked a fever again.  So Joe took the three big kids to the fishing derby and Alyssa and I stayed in bed. 

And all three kids caught their limit at the fishing derby.  They hung around for them to announce winners, but none of their names were called.  So they came home so we could prepare for Natalie's party.  Joe got a few pictures for me though...

CJ and Kaitlyn with their catch

CJ looks mad at the fish

Natalie's catch
So that was the fishing derby this year.  Oh and guess what?  Natalie did end up being a winner!  Tuesday she called from school to ask for a ride home because she won something.  Turned out it was a fishing pole!  We were all shocked because they hung around to listen for names to be called and her name was never called.  But the tag said 2nd girl so I'm guessing she was the 2nd girl to catch a fish for the day.  It's a nice fishing pole too.  Joe's looking forward to showing her how to cast with an open cast.

Natalie's 13th Birthday Party

Surprise surprise, I'm behind.  Natalie turned 13 two weeks ago and we had her birthday party last weekend.  The big 13 year old took two friends to the movies to see a PG-13 movie.  Natalie purchased the tickets and everything.  They grow up so fast.  She chose to see The Hunger Games which she loved.  And after the movie we came back to the house and the girls spent the night.  They played games and told ghost stories well into the night.  And Natalie was so happy to have her first successful sleepover.  I didn't get many pictures since a good portion of the party was spent in a movie theater and Joe and I were in a separate theater.  Our neighbor watched the other three kids for us while we brought Natalie and her friends to the movies and Joe and I had sort of a date.  But here are some pictures from before we left for the movies.

cupcakes for the birthday girl

After she blew out the candles

Opening her gifts

And she got some books

And some cash
So the April birthdays are over.  It was a great time.  Everyone got all that they wanted and had a great time at their parties.