Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week In Review: May 24 - May 30, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for May 24 - May 30, 2009

Sunday: I had a very lazy day. Got up and cleaned the kitchen up and fed the kids. Then I played around on the computer. Joe went to work. I put CJ down for a nap. Watched some soaps. Fed the kids lunch. When Joe got home from work I started dinner. We ate dinner and I was asleep on the couch by 8:00. Joe got the kids to bed. I got up around midnight and went to bed. Of course I wasn't tired so I watched more soaps before finally falling back to sleep.

Monday: Slept until after 8. Joe went to work for 8 so he wasn't home when I got up. I fed the kids and then we cleaned up the living room. Put CJ down for a nap around 11:30 and then watched some more soaps. Fed the kids lunch. When Joe got home from work we went to the cemetery to put some flowers on his parents grave. After doing that we came home to get the fishing stuff. We took the kids fishing and then went to get something to eat. Came home and I started some laundry. The girls took a shower. After their shower I gave CJ a bath and then everyone went to bed. I watched my baseball game while Joe watched wrestling in the bedroom. Then we went to bed to get ready for a busy week.

Tuesday: Got up in the morning not really wanting to. Got the girls ready for school. Joe brought them in. I relaxed in the morning. Kept thinking it was Monday. Joe reminded me that I had a WIC appointment in the afternoon. So after showering and eating lunch and feeding CJ he and I went to that WIC appointment. I then tried to go buy more balloons for balloon animals, but the place I buy them from wasn't there anymore. So I came home in hopes of finding someone who sold them, but had no luck. Called the principal to ask about changing the time of Kaitlyn's PPT. We had it scheduled for 1 p.m., but my paper said 11 a.m. which is during CJ's nap. So I called to change that, but had to leave a message. I picked the girls up from school and then we took Joe to work. Came home for the girls to finish their homework. Had a quick dinner and had to go back to the school for 6:30 for Natalie's concert. She had a nice concert. Afterwords my parents offered to take us out for ice cream. We accepted even though Joe got out of work in less than an hour. We went to Friendly's and had our ice cream. Then we went to pick Joe up from work. We were a few minutes late and he was not happy. Came home and put the kids to bed and Joe and I watched some TV before going to bed.

Wednesday: Got up and brought Joe to work. Came back home and got stopped by our landlord who is leaving for a month and a half. As I was chatting with him my girlfriend brought her 4 and 5 year old over for me to watch. So we went upstairs and the girls had breakfast. I straightened up a bit. Loaded all five kids into the car and brought the girls to school and the three little ones and I went to our final playgroup. We were having breakfast there. It was a nice time. Then I got the kids all together and upstairs to the office to pick up PTA mail. Then we went back home. Our landlord was just finally leaving. We went inside and I put CJ down for a nap. My DSL still has not been turned on so I called the phone company and was on the phone with them while my friends kids played for over an hour. Now they are saying Friday for our DSL at the earliest. So it could be later. I'm furious. Nothing I can do though. Believe me I fought hard. So then I practiced some balloon animals and fed the children. Then ran out the door to get my friends kids to school. They were late. I had to walk them in. Got them all settled in their class and then ran to Nuchies for the PEP graduation that I was hired to make balloon animals for. Got swamped with kids and CJ got pushed around because he just wanted his mom and all the kids wanted to make sure they weren't getting forgotten about. It went well though. Then I came home for a few before going to pick the girls up from school. Got the girls and brought them home to do homework. Then I had to go pick Joe up from work. We came home for a few before having to go sign the girls up for the soccer summer camp they wanted to do. Got them both signed up and then stopped to get a pizza before coming home. Ate dinner and finally got a chance to breath. Watched some TV. Sent the kids to bed. Watched the Mets sweep the Nationals. And went to bed completely exhausted.

Thursday: Got up and it was a rainy cloudy day. Kaitlyn had a field trip. So she dressed warmly and got ready. Joe brought the girls to school while I stayed home getting CJ dressed and myself dressed. Kaitlyn was going to a baseball game for a field trip and since they wouldn't let Joe or I chaperone we decided to just go on our own. And we found them there and got to sit with Kaitlyn. We had a lot of fun even though it was a bit chilly and drizzly. Kaitlyn left before we did though. We finished watching the game and then came home. I had to call the phone company again because it seemed that my DSL was actually working. I spent an hour on the phone with them trying to get everything set up. Joe had to go pick the girls up from school. We do have our DSL back. So I spent the majority of the evening uploading pictures and video to share of what we've been doing lately. We had dinner and then got the kids ready for bed. After catching up on my online stuff we went to bed too.

Friday: Got up early for some reason. So had a quiet morning that didn't last for long. The kids slowly started getting up and asking a million questions. I got a phone call from my girlfriend. I was supposed to watch my friends 5 year old for half a day before he had to go to school so she could go on a field trip with her 4 year old. But because of the rain the field trip was canceled or postponed. So my day suddenly got very free. Joe brought the girls to school and I fed CJ. But other than that I wasn't too productive. I brought Joe to work at noon. Then I came home and made lunch. I called to try to get the grill for next Friday nights BBQ. Never got a confirmation that we were getting that grill though. Hopefully we do or I don't know what we're going to do. CJ kept me pretty busy getting into everything. We went to pick the girls up from school a little early because I needed to stop in the office to get some BBQ orders. Got those and got the girls and came home. Marinated my steak which I thought we were having for dinner. Counted BBQ orders, e-mailed my PTA VP with the numbers and the BBQ tickets, and then went to get Joe from work. Then we went to Walmart. Joe didn't want steak so we found something else to have at Walmart (chicken pattys). Then we went to my friend's house to look at a grill she was going to be selling at her Autism Speaks Tag Sale on Saturday. I knew I wouldn't be able to attend though so I had asked her if I could come take a look at it. We ended up buying it and a computer chair while we were there. I'm hoping she does well at her tag sale. All proceeds go to Autism Speaks. Came home and cooked dinner. Washed dishes and cleaned up the living room a little. Fed everyone and then had them get ready for bed. An early bed time for everyone because we will be getting up early in the morning. I stayed up and blogged and watched my Mets game before going to bed.

Saturday: Got up and got ready to drive down to Danbury. Showered and got the kids dressed. Left the house by 8:50 to go to meet my cousin and aunt at David's Bridal. My cousin was scheduled to try on wedding dresses. Met them there for 10 and got to live vicariously through my cousin. I didn't do the whole big wedding thing with a real dress. Just got mine at JC Penneys off the rack. After she found the dress she thought she was going to get we went to Olive Garden for lunch. The kids were such troopers. The girls enjoyed seeing all the gowns I think. After lunch we drove home. Got back just after 2. I ended up sending the wedding dress pictures I had taken of my cousin to her so she could make sure she wanted the dress she liked. Now she doesn't like any of them :(. So we talked about what she could do (lose weight or go with a different style). Not sure what she'll decide. Then I went to pick Joe up from work. My cousin is giving me free reign on my maid of honor dress. Well, not whatever I want. It has to be a "pool" blue and she'd like it to be a solid color, but whatever I feel comfortable in. So I am okay with that. We went to some stores to see if we could find anything. I know, very early, but I wanted to get an idea of what style to go with. Sadly though we didn't find anything. We ended up getting something to eat at Chilis. Had lousy service and dirty forks and glasses too. Came home and put CJ to bed and the girls and Joe played Monopoly while I chatted more with my cousin about wedding stuff trying to reassure her and tried to do some other things online. Then we sent the girls to bed.

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These Cats Rock

Kaitlyn had a field trip to see the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins AA Affiliate) on Thursday. I had asked when we first got the paper if I could chaperone, but I was told no they had too many adults already. Well, I really wanted to be there with Kaitlyn so Joe having the day off decided we would just go on our own. We surprised Kaitlyn by showing up there and got to watch most of the game with her. Here are the highlights:

Kaitlyn happy to see mommy and daddy came to her field trip

Kaitlyn sitting with her friends

Rock Cats Pitcher in the 1st inning

Here comes Rocky Rock Cat on the bus

Here you go Dad I want something to drink

Swing batter batter

Rock Cats Eagle

Eating lunch

Rocky Rock Cat

Watching through the fence

Rock Cats are up

She loves her brother

Feet up and relaxing

Looking over the fence

Taking the salt off her pretzel

Stuffing her face

Kaitlyn and CJ at a ball game

Kaitlyn had to leave early with her school. They left in the middle of the 7th inning.
Kaitlyn walking out

Watching from a new seat after the school left

Pitcher Change

The final score of the game. Rock Cats Win!

High Fives all Around

Heading back to the dug out

A 7-2 win that Kaitlyn didn't get to see. Luckily she didn't mind much as she's not nearly the baseball fan I am or her sister is. I have the feeling that having us there though made it so much better for her.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Activities

Joe had to work in the morning on Memorial Day. But when he came home we drove up to the Veteran's Cemetery where his parents are buried to put some flowers. After that we took the kids fishing because it was such a nice day. Here are some pictures from the fishing trip...

Sweet baby boy


Natalie caught a carp

Natalie fishing


Kaitlyn's small mouth bass


Kaitlyn and CJ

First Picnic of 2009

So on Saturday my friend invited us to come down to the park with her and her family for a picnic. Not having anything else to do on the holiday weekend and with Joe having a rare day off on a Saturday we accepted.

Here was our day...


Hi CJ!

Happy Boy

Natalie getting ready to play catch

Such a cute face



Daddy strangling Kaitlyn (all in fun)

Mikayla's turn

For two kids who claim to not like each other these two were always together. If you wanted to know where Natalie was you just had to look for Noah and vice versa.
Natalie and Noah playing catch

CJ loves the ball

A little trouble at the skate park. A boy broke his arm and three ambulances and fire engines came.
Taking him to the hospital

Noah up at bat

Joe playing wiffle ball

Batter Up!

Made it to 1st base

CJ's playing ball


Mikayla's up

We had lots of fun. The weather held out for us too which was great. A nice kick off to summer. Even though we still have 3 weeks left of school.