Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everyone loves a parade

On Sunday the whole family went out to a parade. We had to drop Natalie off with some teachers from her school because she was in the parade. Then we had to walk everyone to where we were going to sit with friends for the parade. And we sat and waited to see Natalie and embarrass shout words of encouragement at her.

Waving to the firetrucks

My friend's daughter in the marching band

Look at how thrilled Alyssa was with her first parade

An old army truck

Alyssa still not super enthused with the parade

The kids looking for more candy

Even Santa was in the parade! With a surf board???

An old fire truck

The Shriners

A tow truck for the little Shriner car

Nice old car

Whoa horsey!

Natalie holding the banner for #1 middle school

We didn't embarrass her at all can't you tell?

Another old fire truck

Snoopy was at the parade too!

Natalie wearing her mum

It was a really nice day for a parade. Natalie said she won't be doing that again though. Ha, she had lost her water bottle so she was really thirsty and worn out. It was a long parade.