Friday, June 15, 2012

School is finally coming to an end around here. Yes, it's late, but this is the North East for you. They start the end of August and usually go until about mid June. But thanks to that freak October snow storm we had 5 snow days early on in the year. But since we didn't get anymore they just tacked them on like usual to the end of the school year. So the big kids don't get out until Thursday and they are so ready to be done. Honestly, I am too.

But today was CJ's last day of preschool. He is on to Kindergarten in the fall and will be at school with Kaitlyn. This was just a little preview of the sheer emotions that I am going to be experiencing next year when Natalie graduates from middle school, Kaitlyn graduates from elementary school, and CJ graduates from Kindergarten. Next June I am going to be a mess if today is any indication because the moment I saw my boy up on stage I began to tear up. And then when they began to sing that was it I was gone.

So they performed a few songs, then received their diplomas, and ended with a slideshow from the year. That just about killed me. I'm just happy they let the kids come down and sit with their parents at that point because I got to hold my baby boy tight to watch those pictures from the year with him.

I don't think he realizes exactly what's going on. He'll probably wake up Monday morning wanting to get ready to get on the bus. It should get easier when his sisters finish school next week. But it's official, CJ is a Kindergartner. That teeny tiny baby that had so many problems starting out in his first year of life is going on to Kindergarten.

I am beyond proud of my baby boy. He is growing up so fast!