Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Birthdays Have Passed

CJ and I are both another year older.  Last Thursday we celebrated CJ's birthday with macaroni and cheese.  Note to self, don't let him open his gifts before cake again.   Well, unless I don't mind him not eating the cake.  He had fun with all of his gifts.

Friday was my birthday.  We didn't do much of anything.  Joe cooked dinner for me and we had a nice quiet evening at home and Saturday I had a Pampered Chef/The Gourmet Cupboard birthday brunch.  It was a nice afternoon and if you act quickly you can order from my party.  Pampered Chef ends tonight (11/10) so get on that fast.  Put Monica Barnes in as your hostess.  The Gourmet Cupboard lasts until Thanksgiving so you still have time there.

After my party Joe and I went out for dinner for my birthday.  It had been a long time since we had a date out of the house so it was very nice to get away for 2 hours.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of the birthday boy and one of me ;).

Opening his gift

I think that face says it all, he was pleased

Look at all those guys and jet planes

What do we have here?

Tag Reading System from Leap Frog

Singing Happy Birthday

Blow out those candles
This is what 34 looks like

Well, there you have it.  November birthdays are done.  Now we move onto the holiday season.  Who's ready for some turkey?