Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer at a Glance

Wow, it's been over a month since I've blogged. I guess I should tell you what we've been up to. We have been having a very lazy summer. Home most of the time. Some fishing, some swimming, some drive in movies, some shopping, some library, some massive storms to contend with, and that's pretty much been our summer. It's amazing towards the end of the year I can't wait for them to be out so I don't have to be anywhere by a certain time. But then when summer is here I can't wait for them to go back. All of the, "Can we do this, can we do that!" The, "I'm bored". And of course the bickering that they end up doing. Wears on a person. I think we've mad a few memories this summer though. Let me share a few with you.

Kaitlyn had a pizza party with her soccer team and received a trophy.

Playing at the splash pad

A little fishing

A soccer tournament
Kaitlyn on the soccer field with her team

Kaitlyn got a medal and water bottle

4th of July Fireworks at the All American Boom

A little view of Mother Nature and what she can do

A beautiful rainbow we saw after a quick rain at the drive in

It was a double rainbow

I am not too sure when CT became a midwestern state with tornadoes and all, but just this past Wednesday on Joe's birthday we had a EF1 Tornado show up. This wasn't the first one of the state this season either. I remember growing up we'd occasionally hear of tornado warnings, but I don't remember there ever being one. We've had hurricanes and blizzards, but not tornadoes. It wasn't too far from our house actually. As a matter of fact I was outside during the worst of it on our covered porch trying to get our dog inside with his cage. I got drenched and I couldn't get the door open. I had never seen rain go sideways quite like that before. CJ was completely freaked out. I was trying to remain calm, but I knew things did not look good out there. Our power was out so I got the radio out and listened. They were warning of tornadoes. Almost as quickly as it showed up it all ended too. We surveyed the damage around the house and we were very fortunate. A tree in our back yard, or rather the neighbor's back yard, had fallen in their driveway. Right where the neighbor parks, but they weren't home. There were some branches littering the streets but that was about it in our neighborhood. We went out that night for dinner, for Joe's birthday, but we would have had to anyways without power. We came home around 9:30 and our power appeared to just be back on. We were lucky though as our friends didn't get power back until 1 in the morning and even all day Thursday there were still parts of the city without power. We drove around Thursday checking on some of the damage. Here was what it looked like at a local park where we swim, go in the splash pad, and fish...

A tree completely uprooted by the tornado right next to a tree that was just splintered right off at the base. Perfectly healthy strong trees down in their prime

It has been an interesting summer to say the least so far. Now that I've updated you on what we've been doing be sure to watch out for some news I have to share.