Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Baby Boy is Growing Up

I mean just look at him driving a tractor already. Just kidding. He really is growing up though. We have him completely off of "Bob"(his pacifier). He was for the past year I think only using it for nap and bed, but within a few days I was able to completely cut that out. That was probably more than a month ago actually. I just threw away all of his "Bob's" this week though. I don't know what I was hanging onto them for. He hadn't asked for one in weeks. Heck, he won't even try to put the one from our friend's baby in his mouth. He just looks at it and tries so hard to force her to take it. Of course she's not all that interested in it and I think he can't figure out quite why, but he knows it's not his. He knows it's her "Bob" and it should be in her mouth.

Perhaps because CJ will be starting school this year that is why I did not want to throw that piece of him being a baby even though he wasn't using it. That's right, CJ got into the 3 year old program. He will be going to school Monday through Friday for 2 hours every morning starting in September. There goes our playgroup that I have been attending since Natalie was 4. What will I do with myself in the mornings with no children? It's going to be a rough adjustment for all of us I think, but I'm looking forward to seeing how much CJ grows this year. Next thing to tackle with him? Potty training! I'm thinking of waiting until school starts and he's got that peer influence. Luckily he does not HAVE to be potty trained to start school this year anyways.