Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 Year High School Reunion

I was shocked recently to come to the realization that it has been 15 years since I graduated from high school. I was forcefully recommended to join a Facebook group for our 15 year class reunion. They are trying to put something together.

I have been amusing myself in reading the rantings of my old classmates talking about places to have the reunion and that we should do a pizza and beer thing. Or how about karaoke? There was a whole back and forth thing about how great that would be. When asked if spouses/significant others would be attending too because they were trying to get a head count someone had replied if her "baby's daddy" couldn't come then she'd be going with someone else. Not sure that I would have worded it that way and was a little shocked to see that on there.

I have also been looking through the people who are a member of this group and I can't for the life of me remember half of them. None of them had a strong impact on my life I suppose. There are a few on there who I had been in school with since Kindergarten so I remembered them, but the majority of I totally don't remember. I keep telling Joe I should get out my old high school year book to jog my memory here.

I have become a bit in sticker shock here too. Now mind you in all honesty I never had any intention of attending my class reunion. I doubt I'll ever go because clearly these people just meant so little to me or else I would remember them. However, it has been announced the approximate cost per person to do this is $75. The planner is trying to justify it saying hey we're in our 30's we should be able to afford this. It's 4 hours of open bar, food, and light entertainment/music. I can't help but think too though that we are in a recession. There could be a lot of people out of work right now. $150 is a lot of money for a 4 hour night out with my husband. Because on top of that $150 I also have to find someone to watch our four kids. Plus clothes for the event. Seems a bit much, especially since I'm not going to drink. Does it really have to be open bar though? Couldn't it be some drink vouchers maybe? Did they really look into all of their options to keep the cost down and maybe knock off $25 a head?

I am apparently not the only one who thinks the price is a bit steep either. There has been some other concerns about the cost. Apparently there are funds for these reunions too, but I'm not sure if any are being used for this night or they are saving them for the 20 year reunion. I can't help but wonder why the cost would have to be so high. And if they are going to do something bigger for the 20 year reunion I can only imagine what that cost will be. But as I said I have no intention of going. I just have been finding the ramblings of my former classmates amusing. Sorry class of 96, but you won't be catching me at any high school reunions. Certainly not at these prices!