Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 Weeks, Who's Who?

Today Alyssa is 6 weeks old. I was looking at some old pictures of the rest of the kids and thinking boy they sure do look alike. So I thought I'd see if you could tell them apart. So here's the four of them at about 6 weeks old. Can you tell them apart? Leave me a comment and tell me who's who. In a week or so I will post the results.


Jody said...

4 is obviously CJ
2 is Alyssa?
1 is Natalie? But that's just because the pic looks older than the others.
3 is Kaitlyn?

Erin said...

1 kaitlyn, 2 natalie, 3 alyssa, 4 CJ
I dont know about #1 and 2 so well! heh!