Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday CJ

Disclaimer: I scheduled this for CJ's actual birthday after the fact due to the power outage and not being able to get online on his actual birthday

Dear CJ.
What a crazy birthday weekend you had. It all started at your party with the power going out and lasted straight through a 3 day long adventure of no power. You probably handled it the best of all of us though. You said you loved the power out. That was until it was time to go to bed anyways. It is scary when it's pitch black though so I don't blame you. I think it's a birthday you'll never forget, but I hope it's not in a bad way.

You are growing so fast. It's hard to believe you are already 4. You are such an innovative little guy too. I love seeing how your mind works. So determined to do everything on your own now. You find a way to make everything happen. Like at school turning the light on with the broom handle. It blows my mind sometimes that you can come up with this kind of stuff. You do though and I think it's so great.

You have really come out of your shell this year. I love hearing about what you do at school and about your friends there. I love that you call your big sisters "your girls". And Alyssa is "your baby". You are such a great big brother to her always trying to show her the way and always wanting to feed her some puffs. Can't forget to take a few of those for yourself too though, right?

I do hope you enjoyed your birthday in spite of the no power and the coldness. We'll have to go all out for your birthday next year I think!

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you!