Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday party

Well, CJ turned 4 two days ago and on Saturday, the day of a big October snow storm, he had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party. I had hoped the snow was going to hold off until after his party started, but no such luck. Around 12 big snow flakes came falling from the sky. We continued to prepare for the party. We had a few guests, but not everyone who had RSVPed. Totally understandable though. CJ had one friend from class and then we had some family friends here. It was a nice quaint little party. One which started out with lights flickering, to lights going off and on, to finally completely losing power to not come back on again for 84 hours. We made the most of it though and CJ had a blast. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

We started out playing a game of bean bag toss.

Then we had a break to play in CJ's room...
and eat...

Then it was time for Pin the Hat on Goofy

CJ got it on his belly

Waiting their turn to play Pin the Hat on Goofy

Where did I get mine?

Can't find Goofy

Did Spencer get it on?

Looks good

Another one way out in left field

Getting a lot of hats

Natalie takes the last turn

We have a winner!

Time for cake...

CJ and his cake

Singing happy birthday to CJ

CJ blowing out his candle

Time for presents...

He opened this Buzz Lightyear and said, "I wanted this all day!"

He wanted these Legos all day too

Opening another present

More Legos

I realized after the party that Alyssa didn't make it in any pictures so after everyone had left and we had nothing else to do but clean and wait for it to get dark and cold I snapped a few pictures of her in the kitchen...

I think from now on we'll refer to her as mini CJ.

So that was what a Mickey Mouse Birthday party looks like for a 4 year old with a power outage. Everyone had a great time. Quite the adventure. I don't think any of us will be forgetting the events of this party anytime soon.

Any October snow storm that ends with all of my family safe and healthy is a good one.