Friday, May 4, 2012

Natalie's 13th Birthday Party

Surprise surprise, I'm behind.  Natalie turned 13 two weeks ago and we had her birthday party last weekend.  The big 13 year old took two friends to the movies to see a PG-13 movie.  Natalie purchased the tickets and everything.  They grow up so fast.  She chose to see The Hunger Games which she loved.  And after the movie we came back to the house and the girls spent the night.  They played games and told ghost stories well into the night.  And Natalie was so happy to have her first successful sleepover.  I didn't get many pictures since a good portion of the party was spent in a movie theater and Joe and I were in a separate theater.  Our neighbor watched the other three kids for us while we brought Natalie and her friends to the movies and Joe and I had sort of a date.  But here are some pictures from before we left for the movies.

cupcakes for the birthday girl

After she blew out the candles

Opening her gifts

And she got some books

And some cash
So the April birthdays are over.  It was a great time.  Everyone got all that they wanted and had a great time at their parties.