Friday, May 4, 2012

Fishing Derby 2012

Last year we missed the fishing derby because it was cold and raining.  This year everyone was itching to go.  Especially Natalie since it's the last year she actually gets to participate.  However, Alyssa had gotten sick Thursday night last week.  Friday she kept bouncing back and forth with a fever and wasn't eating.  By the evening I thought she was doing better though until after we had put her to bed.  She spiked a fever again.  So Joe took the three big kids to the fishing derby and Alyssa and I stayed in bed. 

And all three kids caught their limit at the fishing derby.  They hung around for them to announce winners, but none of their names were called.  So they came home so we could prepare for Natalie's party.  Joe got a few pictures for me though...

CJ and Kaitlyn with their catch

CJ looks mad at the fish

Natalie's catch
So that was the fishing derby this year.  Oh and guess what?  Natalie did end up being a winner!  Tuesday she called from school to ask for a ride home because she won something.  Turned out it was a fishing pole!  We were all shocked because they hung around to listen for names to be called and her name was never called.  But the tag said 2nd girl so I'm guessing she was the 2nd girl to catch a fish for the day.  It's a nice fishing pole too.  Joe's looking forward to showing her how to cast with an open cast.