Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Phineas And Ferb Birthday Party

CJ is almost 5.  How exactly did that happen?  Who knows, but it did.  On Saturday we had a Phineas and Ferb birthday party for him.  While only one of his friends was able to come that day he still had a great time.  And as you know no party from me would be complete without one of my creations.  I made a Dr. Doofenshmirtz bean bag toss and Pin the tail on Agent P.  Then there was a Perry the Platypus birthday cake.  All came out great.  I was pleased and the kids had a lot of fun with the games.  I may or may not have been pinned with an Agent P tail.

Pin the tail on Agent P

Good shot CJ

CJ and Alyssa's attempt

CJ's friend gave Agent P a bow tie

Look at all of those tails

Good try kids!

Beanbag toss

This is how they go

I know how it goes

Perry the Platypus cake

Doofenshmirtz eats little boys now (CJ)

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you...

Blowing out the candle

This is the boy who used to hate cake

But look at him now, he loves it!

Spongebob fishing game

The book he wanted from the book fair

Kaitlyn got him a nerf gun and a joke book

Natalie got him a color changing car

Alyssa got him a gun

His very own remote control car
And there you have it.  CJ officially turns 5 on Thursday.  He's getting so big!