Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun Activities

I guess I should update as there has been a lot going on as usual and a lot more to come in the next few days.  So here are some pumpkin activities that have happened over the last few weeks.

For the past few years we have been entering a pumpkin into a local pumpkin festival for judging.  We entered in Natalie's name last year and she won 2nd place I think it was, maybe it was 3rd?  Well, this year was Kaitlyn's turn.  So Joe helped her create a pumpkin man.

Jack the Pumpkin Man

A small pumpkin for CJ and Alyssa to enter

The pumpkins all lit

Some more of the pumpkins

Jack won the Bristol Press Award!

 However, the mayor wanted to pick Kaitlyn's pumpkin for the mayor award, but the Bristol Press beat him to it.  Kaitlyn did get to shake the hand of the mayor though and talked to him for a few.
See that award

That was some pretty amazing carving on that pumpkin

Kaitlyn with her award winning pumpkin, so proud!

CJ and Alyssa's pumpkin sitting on the stands
 These were more of the award winning pumpkins...

 And then before we left I tried to get a picture of all of the kids together.  But some were cold and some just wanted to run around so I got this...
 And then this, minus one who got away.  It's a cute picture though...

So that same weekend we decided to keep the pumpkin fun going and we went ahead and did our pumpkin picking at a local farm like we try to do every year.  We missed it last year due to snow.  I'm glad we decided to do it this day instead of waiting like we originally planned.

Natalie and Alyssa

Milking the cow

CJ milking the cow

Natalie showing Alyssa how to milk the cow

Daisy the pig

Happy Birthday Daisy

On the horse

Natalie and Kaitlyn riding the bull

CJ's turn on the horse

Can you all look here please?

That's about as good as I could get

Time for the hayride

I like this picture of the 4 of them

Beautiful view

Watching other people board the hayride

sitting with daddy

Such a handsome boy

Pretty girls

Me and CJ, he cracks me up.

Hmmm, do they love each other or want to kill each other?

I guess it's love

Natalie holding onto CJ as the hayride starts

Enjoying the hayride

Playing on the firetruck

Heading to a fire

Alyssa wanted to ride the bikes

She's getting so big

4 little Engineers

Playing in the train

CJ riding the tricycle

Alyssa riding the tricycle

Give that back!

So pretty

On the hunt for the perfect pumpkin

2 little pumpkins

2 more pumpkins

And that was our pumpkin weekend.  Be sure to watch out for the pictures of CJ's birthday party.