Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sickies Running Wild

We have dealt with a week long stomach bug in our house this week. Natalie got it Monday and stayed home from school. She was back on Tuesday though. Then Wednesday night I started feeling yucky. It took me a bit longer than Natalie to recoup though. I was all done throwing up Thursday, but I was achy and very weak. Probably from not eating anything though. Then Thursday afternoon CJ got it. And well those who have dealt with a puking baby you know that is no fun. Thankfully he only threw up twice though and was good by Friday. Then early this morning Kaitlyn ended up with it. No fun when your good friend has a birthday party that you really want to go to. I tried to tell her she shouldn't try it because she was too sick, but she said she was fine. We got to the bowling alley though and she threw up in the parking lot. Well, I'm glad she did it there. So Joe took her home while I took Natalie and CJ to the party. She was much better after that though, but then about 4 tonight Joe got it. I was supposed to work tonight. I called out though because I couldn't see leaving Joe with all the kids with the way I knew he was feeling. Especially since one of them wasn't 100% herself. So here I am like my third week into working and I called out. Probably not the best thing, but hey my family has got to come first and they needed me tonight. Kaitlyn passed out on the couch on daddy tonight and when we sent her to bed she said she didn't feel good again. I think she just needs some sleep though. I'm hoping Joe is doing better. He has eaten and I think kept it down so far. I'm hoping this is it. Everyone has gotten the stomach bug so now this thing can leave our house thank you very much.