Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Official

I went to the doctor today and I am in fact pregnant. I heard the heartbeat and everything. I am in fact due on April 22nd. We haven't told the girls yet. We are going to tell them tomorrow night. Oh and so far it's looking like it will be another...


We go back in two weeks for a more thorough ultra sound so I should know for sure then. I figured it was going to be another girl though. Figures, Joe and I are out of girls names. Any suggestions???


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW!!!! I've been behind in reading blogs! Congratulations!!!!! Let us know how it goes with the girls... and um... are you going to tell your parents?!

Let's see... names... obviously you'll want something common since Natalie and Kaitlyn are common... Madison? Mackenzie? McKenna? McKayla? (or as my cousin spells it, Michaela). Why am I doing M names? I don't know! LOL It just popped into my head!

Rebecca? Ohhh I like that! Natalie, Kaitlyn, CJ and Rebecca
Cute! How fun!!!

Seriously though, if you tell your mom you HAVE to blog about it! LOL