Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Last Day of School

Today brings to a close another school year. This is a very different last day of school though. None of my children will be setting foot back in that school again. Well, not for academics anyways. We are on to new things next year. Natalie is moving on to the middle school and Kaitlyn is going to a new elementary school because we moved. Even CJ could be going to school next year. We had a preschool evaluation for him today. We'll know by the end of the week if he got in. I'm hopeful that the fact that he cried so bad that he had to be brought back to me will help our chances. That sounds awful doesn't it? Not that I want my child so traumatized by school or anything, but I know he can do this and will do just fine. It really will be good for him. But really, that wasn't what today was about. Today was about the sadness the girls felt leaving school today. Natalie was about to cry. Kaitlyn was very quiet. I forgot my camera and did not document today at all. And in a way that might be better. Better for Kaitlyn especially because really I think she just wants to forget this year. She has had a rough year in school this year. Her struggles in reading have really been bothering her and she was with a teacher who didn't seem to understand that or her for that matter. In a class with children that teased her a lot towards the end there. So I think she's looking forward to a new start to an extent. I know that I am looking forward to this for her.

Yesterday, I did take some pictures though. Pictures of Natalie's graduation ceremony. I did cry yesterday at her graduation. I know how bright her future is going to be, but I still can't believe she is moving onto the middle school. So many doors will open for her and she's going to do great, but still it's hard to let go. She really makes me proud. Both of my girls do.

Natalie receiving her award for excellence in all academic areas

Going back to her seat

Natalie with her 5th grade teacher Mrs. Hurlbert

Natalie with the principal Mr. Audette

Natalie with all 6 of her teachers in elementary school. From left to right: Mrs. Hurlbert (5th grade), Mr. Stafford (4th grade), Miss. Kozlowski (3rd grade), Natalie, Miss Krenicki, AKA Mrs. Rossi now, (2nd grade,) Miss Silva (1st grade), and Mrs. Lodovico (Kindergarten).

Then, just for comparison sake I took the picture of Natalie at her Kindergarten ceremony and the picture of Natalie from her 5th grade ceremony and put them side by side. What a difference 5 years makes.

The girls report cards were great. Natalie got straight A's. Kaitlyn improved in a few areas, but mostly stayed the same. I'm happy with how she did and all of her hard work though. I know I've said this over and over again, but next year really is going to be an interesting year for the Barnes Bunch. Possibly three kids in three different schools. I might not know if I'm coming or going.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

That's a really cool picture of Natalie with all her teachers!!! I won't be able to do that for Kassidy, her 1st grade teacher is gone... I'm not even sure where she went. Kameron's 2nd grade teacher is having a baby any day now and supposedly taking a year off... we'll see if she really comes back though! haha