Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Box Tops Award Prize

This month I had received notification from Kaitlyn's school that they were having a Box Tops contest. All students who brought in even one Box Top would get a munchkin on this particular day. Then if they brought in 100 Box Tops they'd get a gift certificate to the book fair the end of March and 200 Box Tops would win them some other prizes and the student who brought in the most would get a choice of a $20 gift certificate to any in town store. So we gathered up all of our Box Tops which family and friends have been saving for us and that we've collected over the past year or so and sent them in with Kaitlyn. She brought in a total of 580 Box Tops. She just got her munchkin that day and we didn't hear anything else. Then last Friday I got a phone call asking me what gift certificate she would like because she had brought in the most Box Tops. She wasn't home, but I figured she'd get the most use out of a Walmart gift certificate.

So that day Kaitlyn came home from school with all sorts of goodies. Along with the Walmart gift certificate she also won the gift certificate for the book fair, a school t-shirt, and a Smencil. She also had her name announced to the school as the student who brought in the most Box Tops. She was so excited.

Now ever since then she has been asking on a daily basis if she could go to Walmart. We kept putting her off. She kept talking about how she was going to buy stuff for all of her siblings too with the gift certificate. I kept reminding her that she didn't have to do that, but she had it all figured out, she was spending $4 of it on Alyssa and $3 each on Natalie and CJ and the rest of the $20 was for her.

So today we finally went to Walmart. She was super excited. I again reminded her that she didn't have to get anything for her siblings and told her pick for herself first and we would figure out if there was anything left to get anyone else anything. We walked back and forth up and down the toy aisle of Walmart and seemed to be there forever. Finally Kaitlyn had a puzzle and a book with Tinkerbell paper dolls in it for a total of $7.50 and she said that was it she was done the rest were for her siblings. So CJ got two matchbox cars, Natalie got a book of search a words, and for Alyssa she bought her some pacifiers so she stops sucking on my finger, lol. We were under the $20 limit. Before we left though knowing that CJ was on his first adventure out in underwear I asked him if he had to go potty. He said yes so Joe brought him to the bathroom. So the girls and I were browsing around the girls section and Kaitlyn decided she wanted to add some $2.50 hair things to her stuff. So with that we left. Kaitlyn still has some $.89 left on her gift card so she did some good shopping and everyone left happy. I thought it was very nice of Kaitlyn to share her gift card with her siblings though. She definitely did not have to do that.

The paper dolls ended up being a good purchase too as it entertained the girls for about two hours this afternoon while Joe, CJ, Alyssa, and I took a nap.