Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home and Settling in

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday morning. We didn't entirely get the all clear for Alyssa though. She had a blood test that showed that there could be trouble with her billirubin levels. So we had an appointment with her doctor scheduled for the next day. They told us before that appointment to come back to the hospital to go to the lab and have blood work done and then we could go to her appointment.

So we came home with those orders. So good to be home. This morning we got up and got all of the kids loaded in the car to head to the lab. We did pretty good considering. We were only five minutes late. Did the blood test and was told it would be 2 hours for them to call the doctor with the results.

We then headed over to the doctor's office. We were a little early for that so we waited in the parking lot because it didn't look like anyone was there. As we headed in the doctor pulled into the parking lot. She spent a lot of time with us. It was kind of nice being there knowing that we were her number one priority. She's always great, but this was just different. She looked her over and said she looks great. She went over a bunch of stuff with us. Her weight could be a bit of a concern, but hopefully once my milk comes in that will change. We left the doctor's office with her saying she'd be in touch with the results of her test.

So back home we came for lunch. After lunch the doctor called asking if we had heard from the lab. She still hadn't heard anything. We hadn't either. So she gave them a call and then called us back to tell us her billirubin was 12.7 which was good news. We wanted it lower than 14.4 so she was pleased with that. So we will keep pushing the eating and see how she does stooling and peeing everything out. I think it will end up being just fine.

So how are the kids with their new sister? Well, Natalie of course has the most experience here. She has been going with the flow. She loves her little sister and has been helping out as much as she can. Kaitlyn keeps checking on Alyssa. Kind of hovering around. And CJ is a very overprotective big brother. He was yelling at his big sisters today because they were looking at her and he didn't want them to. He is always asking, "Where's baby?" He still thinks her name is "Forty". When we telly him her name is Alyssa he'll call her Lisa. He's very cute with her, but he's also seeing what he can get away with. It will be interesting to see how things will play out between all of them.

Have I mentioned it's so good to be home?


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Congratulations!!! :) She's so cute!!!