Monday, June 27, 2011

Tales from the potty part 3

It has been a while since I've done a potty update. Probably because there hadn't been too much change. I have been trying everything with him. I pretty much have all of his cars now which he has to earn back by staying dry. I have tried guilt trips with him. Telling him he's a baby when he pees or poops in his potty. And now with cloth diapering his sister I've just been washing his underwear with her diapers. So every time I've had to put his underwear in the wet bag I make a big deal about his underwear going in with the stinky baby diapers. Well, that back fired on me. He wets and tells me I'm a baby now. Okay so what's going to work with this kid?

Last week was his last day of school. We have been telling him right along that if he doesn't learn to use the potty he's not going to be able to go to school next year. He actually got to see what hopefully will be his new school next year last week. And as we walked out to the car he told me he was wet. So I talked to him about how he has to tell the teacher he has to potty and they won't let him in school if he doesn't use the potty and we went home.

His vacation started and he had been asking to go to school. I think he started thinking that he can't go to school anymore because he didn't use the potty. Because last Friday he was dry all day and pooped on the potty twice. Just went in there and went all on his own. We made a huge deal of it too. The whole family was cheering for him. Then Saturday we were out all day and I was paranoid he'd be wet in no time. We brought his potty chair with us in case we couldn't find a potty for him and I brought a ton of underwear and clothes. And we didn't need any of it!!! He stayed dry all day again. And then Sunday more of the same thing. Until right before he went to bed that is, he had an accident. Still, super proud of him.

But then there was today. He had some accidents including a poop accident. However, he did also poop in his potty. We might be getting closer though. He's a stubborn boy, that's for sure. We're hoping he gets this down pat soon so being in school won't be an issue next year.