Sunday, June 19, 2011

This dad does not need to wake the hell up

A friend of mine had directed me to this article last night. Written by a dad who is very much awake. A dad who doesn't understand many fathers who think their job is done once the seed is planted. A type of dad which I'm fortunate enough to say does not live in our house.

As I write this, my husband, the father of our four children, is laying down with Alyssa. So sweet seeing him cuddled up with our baby girl. Here it is, Father's Day and he's getting her to go to sleep. My husband got up with CJ this morning while I stayed in bed with Alyssa for a few more. He then went off to work for a little while. When he came home he played with Natalie and Kaitlyn. He helped me cook dinner. Even though I urged him to go sit down he preferred to help me out. Even though it's father's day.

My husband brings our 3 year old to school and picks him up whenever he has a day off or is in work late. He brings Kaitlyn to the bus stop on mornings when he's here. He rough houses with all of the kids. He lets his daughters put barrettes and ribbons in his hair. He takes all of them fishing. He cooks dinner. He helps out around the house. He goes to the kids school events. He knows their teachers. He wipes boogers and poop. He changes poopy and peepee underwear. He rocks babies to sleep.

He is a father who gets it. He prefers to be home with his children. He doesn't go out much with friends. He doesn't golf or go to sporting events. He is a wonderful father and I hope my children realize how lucky they are to have him. I know I'm proud to say that man is the father of my children!