Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alyssa's 1 year checkup

Hello blog peeps. Alyssa here and I'm 1 now. Yet again Mommy and Daddy made me go to the doctor today. They really need to stop bringing me there! I DO NOT LIKE IT! I didn't like it from the beginning when the nurse was measuring my head, to the middle when the medical student was touching me with her cold hands, and to the end where I was attacked by those long sharp pointy things! There were 4 things stuck in me today people! Oh and she also forced my mouth open to paint some sealant stuff on my teeth. Did not like that one bit thank you very much. I'm afraid the book I got in the end of it all didn't much make up for it. Although, the bubbles entertained me for about two seconds. Good thing it's a long car ride home and I passed out as soon as we got to moving. I was exhausted!

But you all don't care about my misery I'm sure. You're here to find out how I'm measuring up. I'm still a peanut growing along my own growth curve. I am up to 16 pounds 6 ounces and 27 3/4 inches tall now. I guess the doctor was pleased with my growth as she didn't say anything.

They are going to watch my talking. I've got 3 months to learn 3 words or Birth to Three comes out. Mom says she's not too worried because I babble a lot. Hey a girls gotta move what can I tell you. Who needs to talk with all these big people around doing the talking for me?

I baffled the student doctor with my crawling style. The doctor isn't concerned though because my hips are good and I'm standing and cruising normally. Why would I put both knees flat on the floor? That would hurt. And I get around just fine the way I do it.

The doctor is thrilled that I'm still drinking breast milk. Although, she doesn't like that I do it at night. So that was why the sealant was put on my teeth.

I do have a bit of a diaper rash which Mommy has been battling for a few weeks now. Seems it might have been a little staph infection which is healing and there is also a little yeast. So more cream for the yeast, but the staph is clearing up on its own so unless that changes we'll just wait it out I guess. I'm not really too bothered by it.

All in all I'm a healthy growing girl and looks like I get a reprieve from the doctor until May!