Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome Chester to the Barnes Bunch!

We added a new member to the family today. Meet Chester...

or Cheeto, or Cat as CJ tends to refer to him. Although he is starting to call him Chester too.

This is one super tolerant kitty too. Alyssa has pulled his tail and he doesn't flinch. She has grabbed his face and nothing. She stepped on him and he just got up and walked away from her. I hope he remains so calm with her and tolerant because I am a nervous wreck whenever she's around him.

Those of you who know me probably are thinking what about your allergies Monica? Well, so far I have been fine. Joe brushed him and the girls are going to keep him brushed (or they better). I am trying to limit my actual contact with him of course. I am not a cat person, but Joe and the kids are really enjoying him.

As far as cats go I guess he's a pretty good looking cat.