Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Alyssa

Dear Alyssa,
Having you here for the past year has taught me so much as a mother. While you are our 4th child you are the first one who has breastfed all the way to a year old and you're the first one who I have ever used cloth diapers with.

You are my shy cuddly little girl. Like your sisters and brother you have a smile that lights up a room and can make any bad thing seem so much better.

I have loved watching you learn and grow this past year. At the same time it has been a little bitter sweet for me since you are our last baby.

I love how you adore your brother and sisters. You always have to know what they are doing when they are around and just be with them. I hope you will always be close to your big sisters and you and your brother will look out for one another.

This past year has been an amazing wonderful blessing for me. I look forward to what the next year brings for you. Starting to walk and talk more. I am sure there will be amazing things in your life and I am just looking forward to taking this ride with you.

Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl. Mommy loves you!