Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

I am doing this stuff all out of order.  Oh well, you get the idea of what we were doing the last week of April.  So April 26th was Bring Your Daughter to work day.  So since Natalie went to work with Joe last year it was Kaitlyn's turn this year.  Natalie wasn't too pleased about it and since I was recently contracted to do some PLR (Public Label Rights) work I said she could say home with me and learn the fine art of blogging, PLR, taking care of the house, and children.  She was excited about that.  Joe didn't think it was fair since Kaitlyn didn't stay home with me last year, but I also wasn't getting paid for any of my work last year.  It wasn't all fun and games around here either like Natalie was expecting.

But here's Kaitlyn going off to work with daddy...

Kaitlyn in a Stop and Shop uniform
 And then when Natalie and I got a chance to sit down after getting CJ off to school and Joe and Kaitlyn off to work and cleaning up the living room and the kitchen and changing diapers and feeding Alyssa breakfast and and and (you know all that mom stuff) I snapped a picture of me and Natalie.
Still smiling, I don't think I worked her hard enough.
It was at this point Natalie and I started working on google searching for PLR sites and then I got a phone call from my boss.  Once I got off the phone it was back to google we went.  And then before we knew it CJ was getting home from school and Alyssa was getting up from her nap and it was time to get lunch for everyone.

I think Natalie realized that maybe the working world isn't so great.  Kaitlyn had fun with Joe at work learning all about seafood.