Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday Natalie

Dear Natalie,
You're a teenager!  How did that happen?

I look at you and see what a beautiful amazingly intelligent young woman you are turning into.  It's almost hard to remember you as a baby some days.

There is so much ahead for you over the next few years.  While I know you're terrified of the change I know that you will handle it with grace and beauty because that's how you handle everything.

You have so much passion in you.  So much love.  Continue to grow and nurture that passion and love.  Share it with as many people as you possibly can.  The light that shines from you is the most amazing gift anyone can receive from you and anyone who doesn't appreciate that about you is not worthy of having you in her life!

Don't be fearful of what is to come.  Because everything that is out there for you is a wonderful amazing adventure that I will walk right along side of you for.  This time of your life is about fun and trying new things.  So don't be afraid to try anything new.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for you.  Will you be a teacher like you have talked about for so many years or a detective like you discovered this year matches your personality and interests?  Or maybe something else entirely.  Only time will tell, but I'm sure whatever you do you will be great at it.

Thank you for being such a wonderful, caring, loving daughter.  I cherish our moments together and I love watching you care for your little brother and sisters.  They all look up to you so much and with good reason.  I know it's not always the greatest having all those little eyes watching everything you do, but you are a wonderful role model for them.

Welcome to the teen years!  I know you're going to love this time in your life.  Keep on smiling!

Happy 13th Birthday Natalie, I love you!


Happy 13th Birthday Natalie!