Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Kaitlyn

Dear Kaitlyn,
Boy oh boy, where do I start?  You're 11 years old!  It feels like just yesterday you joined our family, but here you are growing and changing and turning into this amazingly smart and independent young lady.

I know you are hesitant about going to this new school next year, but I really think you are going to love it.  I admire that you can give me a year to try it without much objection.  I know you will give it your all and I really can't wait to see what you will try out there.

You haven't shied away from a challenge yet so whatever you do, don't start now.  This is your time.  Your chance to try out new things that we could only dream of for you and you're going to do great and shine like the star that you are.

I am really looking forward to what this next year is going to bring for you and watch you really come into your own.  It has been an amazing 11 years with you and you are growing and maturing every day.  I can only imagine what the next 11 years will bring for you, but you know the skies the limit for you and no matter what you do or where you are you will be a success and you will be loved.

So happy birthday to you Katie Kittles.  I love you!



Dana said...

Happy birthday!