Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy 4 Year Due Date-iversary Angel Celeste Alia

Today marks 4 years since I was due with Celeste.  It's also of course Natalie's 14th birthday so you get two blog posts from me on here today.  Come back oh around 11:17 p.m. tonight to read Natalie's letter (I always schedule them for the time when they were born).

Normally I would write a letter to Celeste like the rest of the kids, but I'm going to do something a little different this year.  Back in December on Monica's Mom Musings I introduced Celeste to the world, but I never officially did it here.  So I want to give you all an opportunity to meet her.

Now I'm hesitant about doing this here because when I shared Celeste's story I had an anonymous commenter come and question the validity of Celeste's existence.  Accused me of playing things up for drama.  I almost shared her picture then, but the time wasn't right.  I wasn't going to be doing it for the right reasons.  It was simply going to be to prove a point to some anonymous person and I didn't need her validation if she didn't even have the courage to give me her real name.  So I kept it to myself for the most part.

I am in a good place now with my grief.  Not a day goes by that I do not think of Celeste and obviously some days more than others.  But the experience has taught me a lot and it has given me some truly wonderful friends along the way and shown me who my true friends are.  I came out with her picture because I realized that not sharing her like I do the rest of my children wasn't doing anything for her or my family.  People forget.  I don't want Celeste to be forgotten because she is so much a part of me.  To know her is to know me.  And to know her you have to see that she is real. 

She might be gone, but she is not forgotten.  So without further ado please say hello to my angel baby Celeste Alia.  Born sleeping on December 6, 2008.  Due date April 22, 2009.

Don't forget to come back later for Natalie's birthday letter.