Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter To Natalie

Dear Natalie,
My first born.  We get all of our firsts together.  That's pretty special you know.  And you are going through a very exciting time in your life right now.  I'm loving watching you make decisions for your future.  The next four years are going to be ultra important as you know.  Everyone keeps telling you that.

But there's something I don't think anyone has told you yet, not even me.  The next four years are important for us and our relationship.  We only have this short time together and we need to make it good and memorable.  Now don't get me wrong, I will still be telling you what to do.  You will not be getting away with anything.  But I will try my hardest to remember that time is fleeting and we have to make the most of it and have fun.

I need your help though.  I need you to come to me when you think I'm getting too distracted with everything else and you need me the most.  Sometimes other things can get in the way, but if you need time with just me let me know, we will schedule it.  Please be patient though.

I also want you to do something else.  I want you to stop being so afraid to try something new.  I want you to experience things.  I want you to go on dates with boys, to go to the park with your girlfriends, and to try new things.  This is the only time in your life you really get to throw caution to the wind.  Do it!  Don't look back and think; where did that time go?  You don't know if you like something until you try.  So get yourself out there and explore new things and have fun.  Don't worry so much about what other people do and think.  They aren't important.  You are!

That's the best advice I can give you at this time my beautiful girl.  You are already a huge success in my eyes.  Keep up the hard work.  The skies the limit for you.  I love you.  Thanks for giving me the gift of motherhood 14 years ago today.  Happy Birthday!