Thursday, May 27, 2010

I will not be censored

Boy has my blog been rocking a few boats lately. So yet again I feel the need to state the purpose of my blog. I write for me. I write for my kids. I write for my family. I write for me. Yes, it may sound selfish that I said me twice, but I enjoy writing. I enjoy expressing myself. I enjoy having a place to remember what has happened in my life. And sometimes that means the bad too.

I do not live in a bubble. I am out in the world and have many contacts. Some family contacts, some school contacts, some good friends, some community contacts. All of these people touch my life in some way on a daily basis. And therefore it would be nice if people did not just assume that when I write something it ALWAYS has to be about them. It might only be partially about you and partially about someone else. But maybe you need to take a good long look at yourself if what I have to say upsets you so much because sometimes the truth hurts.

So I'm saying it loud: I WILL NOT BE CENSORED! We live in America where it is my right to have freedom of speech. And if you do not like what I have to say, then you do not have to read it. But I will not stop writing about what I'm thinking or feeling in the moment. As always my comments are open if you feel the need to object to anything that say, then you are more than welcome to post a comment. If you agree with everything I say I definitely encourage those comments as well, but understand that I will not stop writing what I'm thinking and feeling in the moment. No one can make me!