Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Six Flags Great Adventure

Day 2 of our New Jersey trip was a surprise for the kids. We had made plans to go to Six Flags Great Adventure for the day. When we got there even CJ was shaking his arms in the air and saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" So I'd say that was a good choice. The weather was looking a little iffy for the day with showers in the forecast. However, we made it through with barely a drop on us.

Entering Six Flags

On the Ferris Wheel

Above:Natalie on the ship Below: Joe and Kaitlyn on the ship

The Big Red Car

The Balloons

The swings

The Tea Cups

White Tiger


Whatever this ride was CJ was the only one who could go on it and he absolutely LOVED it!

CJ waiting in line for the elephants

Natalie waiting in line for the elephants

Kaitlyn unable to contain herself for the elephants

On the elephants

Meeting Bugs Bunny

CJ giving Bugs a hug

and not letting go

The girls got in there

It was a whole lot of fun for everyone.