Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Field Day 2010

This was a great year for field day. Not too sunny and not too hot. It was Natalie's last year. And 5th graders run the events at the school. Natalie's event was the parachute. She wasn't too enthused at first, but she eventually embraced it with the help of her best friend who was working it with her. The kids had lots of fun.

Natalie running the parachute

Kaitlyn balancing a ball

Kaitlyn taking her shot

Kaitlyn beaning the 5th grade helper Noah

The sack race

CJ checking out the water

Kaitlyn doing the sponge race

Natalie goofing around with the parachute

Kaitlyn's class with the parachute

Getting the instructions for the next game


Kaitlyn jumping rope

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Another fun activity at the end of the year for the kids. Natalie's disappointed that this is her last field day.