Saturday, June 5, 2010

School Wide Field Trip to the Rock Cats

This week the entire school went to a local baseball game. My friends and I tagged along on the trip. We did not go as chaperones so we could stay for the whole game and keep our kids since we knew they were leaving early. I'm glad I was there for fun too and not to help because those who were there to help went on bathroom trips a lot. It was a beautiful hot day. The Rock Cats lost the game, but we still had fun. I left my camera in the car so there were some shots that my friend got for me of the kids.

Natalie and Kaitlyn sitting with their class

Me and CJ watching the game

A shot of the school on the big TV

After the school left
Noah, Mikayla, Kyle, Hunter, CJ, Natalie, and Kaitlyn



A few shots from the game

On the Cool Beans Cam again

Game over! Kaitlyn, CJ, and Natalie

A very fun field trip!