Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monica's Musings #6

That's right, it's time for some more random thoughts from me.

Kaitlyn is finally having an IEP written for her reading disability. This has been something I've been pushing for since last year. Now that she's more than a grade level behind in reading they are willing to say yes there is something going on here. Better late than never I guess. So Monday morning I go and help them write the accommodations and goals for Kaitlyn for next year.

Is wondering if I should be concerned that the new school Kaitlyn will be attending next year never returned my phone call about coming in to look at the school and registering her there. That was two weeks ago and no one called me back. So we're just showing up there today.

CJ has been sleeping (napping and at night) all week long without "Bob". "Bob" is his name for his pacifier. It's funny, he no longer asks for him before going to bed, but he looks for him when he gets up. I am still hanging onto "Bob" though. I don't really know why. I mean clearly he doesn't need it. Okay, sure it takes him a little longer to go to sleep at night, but it's not like he's crying. He's actually talking to himself. It's really cute actually. Part of me is hoping he'll just stop asking and then I can toss them because I'll know for sure he doesn't need it anymore. Maybe part of me just doesn't want him to be such a big boy though.

Speaking of being a big boy, we are going next week for his preschool evaluation. Honestly his chances of getting in are rather slim. There are some 30 spots for over 80 applicants. They take children based on their needs. So this is one of those times where I have to hope that he is super shy and doesn't show them any of what he's capable of actually doing. I'm hopeful that his previous delays and failure to thrive might actually help him here. Yes, I really want him in this program. I know it will be great for him to be away from me a couple of hours a day and to get so much interaction with other children his age. He's really such a little sponge when it comes to doing what other children are doing.

If CJ does get into this preschool program then I will have 3 children in 3 different schools!

My reign as the PTA president is about to come to an end. Somehow I have the feeling that I'm still going to be involved in a more behind the scenes sort of way next year even though I won't have children there.

Natalie graduates from 5th grade next Tuesday! I cannot believe this day is almost here. She is getting so grown up. Seems like just yesterday she was giving us her first smile, or laugh. Where does the time go?

2010, the year of change for the Barnes Bunch!