Thursday, April 12, 2012

Barnes Family Easter

So yet again I am behind in sharing on here.  So much going on with birthdays and holidays and other writing commitments.  I have 3 giveaways going on right now on Monica's Mom Musings if you'd like to go check those out, please do!  And then here let me share with you some pictures over the past week or so starting with Easter.

 Dying Easter Eggs!

Alyssa waiting to get started!

CJ waiting to get started!

Kaitlyn waiting to get started!

Natalie washing dishes before we can get started!

Take the egg in your hand like this...

And put it in carefully like this!

What no egg for Alyssa?

Concentrating hard on painting that egg!

This is hard work!

Hey, I like this spoon never mind those silly eggs!

Look what I did Mommy!

Don't take a picture of me Mom!

Oh all right see here's my egg!

CJ's blue egg!

Look at all of those shiny eggs!
 Then it was off to bed so the Easter Bunny could come and leave them all of these awesome buckets filled with everything their little hearts could desire!
Easter Bunny was here!
 Easter Morning!
What do we have here?

Oooh a sun catcher!

Alyssa loves her bunny!

Silly girl what's wrong with this ball?

Natalie putting on her new bracelet!

What did you get CJ?

Tasting some of the candy!

Easter Bunny cake
Once we were done checking out the loot I made breakfast for everyone, the three big ones painted their sun catchers and Alyssa broke into the candy.  This is what happens when Daddy's not feeling well and Mommy has a million balls in the air.  All was fine after a bath and then we sent her out to find more candy...
Easter Egg Hunt!
Waiting on CJ to get started!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Natalie's hunting down those eggs

Does Alyssa have anything in that basket?

Alyssa waiting for people to bring her more eggs!

Oh look, here's an egg!

Kaitlyn hurry up Natalie's gonna get them!

Hmmm, are there any over here?
Daddy helping Alyssa get an egg!

You can look at my eggs, but don't look at me!

Happy Easter Barnes Bunch Style!
So after the Easter egg hunt festivities we went inside and I started cooking dinner.  We had ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and green beans.  Our neighbor came up and brought sausage bread and corn casserole, and my parents joined us for the day too.  It was a beautiful day and it was great spending it with all of the people I love!