Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Sleepover Party

So what's more fun to do on a Friday the 13th than have a sleepover party for a just turned 10 year old?  Well, nothing of course so that's exactly what we did.  Kaitlyn had 3 friends over and two spent the night.  Natalie and CJ had a sleepover downstairs at our neighbors house that night.  They just couldn't take all those preteen girls.  So everyone had a blast.

Eating the pizzas they made

Too hot can you cool it off?

Digging in!

The birthday girl enjoying her pizza

An icecream cake

Happy Birthday to you!

Present time!

It's Tinkerbell!

I love it!

A giant pencil

Silly scissors

A journal

More markers

Colored pencils

Tiny notebooks


Pencil pouch

Construction paper

A makeup bag

What do we have here?

All sorts of goodies

Oooh what a pretty color

Which one do you like?
Her friends know her well!  Tinkerbell, art supplies, and nail polish.  She was a happy little girl!

After presents we started watching a movie, but no one seemed interested.  They were doing each others hair while the movie was on and then we decorated some hair clips.  Then one of her friends left.  The other two got into their PJs and they did some crafts with Kaitlyn's new craft stuff.  We sent them to bed and they were up really late.

I got up the next morning and made pancakes for breakfast and had to wake them up to eat and get ready to be picked up.  Kaitlyn didn't want it to end.