Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kaitlyn's sleepover

I am so behind on things on this blog.  I have a few family activities we have done over the last two weeks with pictures that I have not shared with you.  So we are starting out with Kaitlyn's sleepover at school.

The last Saturday in March Kaitlyn's school did a sleepover for the children who participated in the summer reading program at the public library.  Her school had read the most and as a reward for that they let them have a fun evening of crafts, a movie, and a sleepover for those children who wanted to.  Since last year Joe was the honored parent who got to sleep over (or rather not sleep) because I was 9 months pregnant this year was my turn.  I almost dodged a bullet too because they weren't going to do the sleepover since too many children participated.  But the 5th graders petitioned the principal and convinced her to do it.  Honestly, I can't say I blame them.  These kids are told every year that if they win (they win every year) then that's their prize.  So good for those kids for standing up for what they believe in.

I have to say the whole thing wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.  I didn't sleep great of course because I was on the floor, but I slept.  And it was nice to get some time with just Kaitlyn and see her interact with her friends without any of her siblings around.  She had fun and is already looking forward to next year when her brother will get to join her and Daddy gets to go back.

Getting all set up with her friends in the gym

Reading a magazine before the fun begins

Waiting for a story and some popcorn

Listening intently to the "Man Team"!

Getting ready to make slime

Stirring her slime

Kneading her slime!

Stretching her slime

That's some stretchy slime!

4th and 5th grade dance party before the movie

We watched Dolphin Tale for a movie after all the story telling, slime making, and dancing was done.  And then it was lights out.  Kaitlyn and her friends stayed up pretty late.  We got up early the next morning, had a lovely donut breakfast, and went home to see her siblings before we had to go back out for the Easter Gala.  Pictures to come of that!