Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I do not remember Natalie and Kaitlyn coming up with some of the things CJ does. Now granted Natalie was 3 before she really began talking and with help of speech therapy there weren't too many mispronunciations of things. I mean she called Snoopy Moo-hee which is the only thing I can remember of her funny words. There were probably more, but I did not document them. Kaitlyn did the typical turning words with tr at the beginning into fr words. So trouble would be frouble and truck was fruck. We got a big kick out of that I remember. She seemed to like the f sound come to think of it because ketchup was fretchup. So a few more fun Kaitlyn-isms I guess. I'm determined to not forget the funny things CJ says though. He has us cracking up a lot.

So here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head:

If you are in his way and depending on how much of a hurry he is in he will either say scoo mee (excuse me), beep beeeeeep, or MOVE. Move comes out really clear, LOL.

One of our favorites that he says is NoINot (no I not, but it sounds like one word). He actually told Joe the other day NoINot when Joe called him Christopher. Which is actually his name, but that just goes to show you how often we actually call him Christopher.

Yesterday he told me he was a brat. "I a b-at!" And no it was not him calling himself a bat or batman or anything like that. We had called Natalie a brat and he informed us that he was in fact the brat.

His name for Natalie is Na-Nat. We figured it would be easier for him to call her Nat Nat (repetitive things like mama, dada, and all that you know), but he turned our calling her Nat Nat into Na-Nat. So now Natalie is forever known as Na-Nat. Good thing she likes it. Although, from time to time he'll call Kaitlyn Na-Nat too. He knows she's Kate Kate though.

And my absolute favorite thing of all that he says is...

I ove ooo (I love you). I still try to get him to say mama after that, but boy do I love the sound of that. He doesn't say it often. Usually only when he's going to bed. He's a bit stingy with hugs and kisses. So I have to gobble up these little bits of affection as often as he gives them.

Okay, those are all I can come up with now. He's always doing things to make us all laugh though. He's quite the little ham. He's also a handful. His favorite word is definitely no. He likes to shake his head yes while saying no. That's always fun trying to figure out exactly what he really means. Gotta love 2 year olds :).