Saturday, January 2, 2010

The things I WILL NOT miss about our old place

I will NOT miss...

An absentee landlord

The lead walls

The ugly orange counters

The sliver inducing wood paneling walls in my living room that weep sap

The windows that fall out

The broken window in my bedroom that has been like that for a year

The leaky toilet

The basement that fills with water every time it rains

The rickety stairs we travel up and down every day

The fruit trees that have overtaken our side yard (at least the plastic huts are gone)

The snow not being removed

and the number one thing that I will NOT miss when we move is...

The entire house rocking when our upstairs neighbor has a male guest over.


Erin said...

OH MY MONICA!!!!!!!!! THOSE ARE SOME REALLY SCARY THINGS! SO glad you are moving!!!!!! Congrats on your NEW home! Happy New Year!