Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monica's Musings #2

Well, I really have nothing to talk about. Nothing of great importance anyways. Kind of felt like I needed to post something on the blog though. I guess I've had a bit of a case of bloggers block. Either that or else nothing exciting has been happening in my life lately. I'd prefer to say it's bloggers block, but truth be told things have been pretty boring around here.

*We're still unpacking and getting settled. We are enjoying the new place very much. Well, except for the stairs. It's a lot of stairs. But I guess it will help me to lose some much needed weight ;). One can hope anyways.

*As I'm typing this CJ is pushing his toy box out of his room AGAIN. We need to get some carpeting so things aren't so easy to push along the floor.

*The girls have been having a very difficult time getting up and out of the house in the morning. Since we are no longer in district for their school we had to get special permission to stay where we are. We were granted the special permission, but if the mornings keep going like they have been, then I had to tell the girls I will put them in the school we are districted for. We'll see if this lights a fire under their butts.

*Natalie got into the gifted programs Saturday Science Program. One hour every Saturday for the next seven weeks of Science for her. This should really be a lot of fun I think. She'll get to meet other kids from other schools and do some fun science projects.

*I received a book in the mail today about ADHD. I found the priest of my church from when I was a child on Facebook recently and found out he's no longer a priest, but instead gives informational classes about managing ADHD. Couldn't possibly have been better timing to come across him. I discussed Kaitlyn with him and how the school doesn't see what I see and he said that's very common with girls since generally they do not have the hyperactivity portion of ADHD. They fly under the radar so to speak. He wrote a book which he sent to me. I've only been able to read a few pages of it between distractions of homework help and disobedient little two year olds, but so far it's very interesting. Can't wait to get further into it.

Huh, well maybe I didn't actually have blogger's block. Looks like I had a lot to say. Just not your normal typical post I guess.