Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week in Review: January 3 - January 9, 2010

Here is this weeks Week In Review for January 3, 2010 - January 9, 2010

Sunday: Got up sore from our exhausting move. The kids had spent the night at our friend's house since we finished so late and had to get the beds together. Joe and I walked across the street to the store to get something for breakfast and a few other things. It was soooo cold. We came home and tried calling U-Haul to rent a hand truck to get our fridge up. That wasn't working. Our friend was getting it for us and he ended up finding one somewhere else. Joe and I started putting together CJ's crib when our friend showed up to help with the fridge and to get our couch in. We got everything in. Our friend left. Joe and I got beds put together and a few other things done. Then we went over to the old place to try to get a few things we needed and to the grocery store for something for dinner. Then we picked up the kids and brought them home for dinner, baths, showers, and bed. CJ was so overtired. He cried for about half an hour before going to bed. The girls were a little nervous about sleeping in our new place. They all did good though. Joe and I took showers and watched some recordings since we couldn't watch TV. Then we went to bed.

Monday: Got up early. Joe had to run back to the old place to get our modem and stuff. I got the girls ready for school. They were dragging their feet. We had to leave early because I had to wait for the gas man to come to the old place to turn off the heat between 8 and 12. We managed to get there on time. I told the girls to get the rest of their stuff together and I cleaned out the bathroom. Then I rushed them to school and came back still waiting for the gas man. Joe was at home waiting for the cable guy and dish guy. I cleaned out the living room and my bedroom. Finally the gas guy came around 11:30. Once he came I loaded some stuff in the car and headed home. I let Joe mostly unpack the car. I did help though. Then we put some stuff away and I had something to eat and checked my e-mail and stuff since we had internet back. Then we went to get the girls from school. Came home and did homework and worked on unpacking some more. I ran to the store to get something to eat and we had dinner. Then we got some more of the kitchen stuff unpacked and got the kids ready for bed. Sent them to bed. CJ cried again. I guess the new place is taking some getting used to. He didn't cry as long though. Joe set up my washer/dryer for me so I could do some laundry. I got the laundry going and then Joe and I stayed up and watched some TV. I did more laundry and then Joe and I went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up early and had to bring Joe to court for Jury duty. So got the kids all ready to go and then we brought Joe to court and I rushed the girls to school. Then I came home with CJ where we did some more unpacking. I fed CJ lunch and then Joe called and said he got out of jury duty early. I went to pick him up and then we went to Goodwill and Salvation Army to see if we could find something to put the TV on. We couldn't find anything though. We went to get something to eat and then went home. Gave CJ a quick nap before having to go pick the girls up from school. Got the girls and went back to the old place for some more stuff. Came home and got the girls started on homework. Tried to get our other fridge in the pantry. It wasn't working. So we put it out in the hall. Then we went over our friends house to go to Sams Club with them. Did some grocery shopping and then came home. Unpacked the car and made a quick dinner. Sent the kids to bed. Joe and I watched some TV and took a shower and went to bed.

Wednesday: First day we didn't have to leave the house by 8 a.m. for anything. Got to sleep in a little. Got the kids ready for school and brought them to school. I went to talk to Kaitlyn's teacher about her homework and then went down to playgroup. We had a good time at playgroup and then went home to get some stuff. Went back to the old place to get more things cleaned out and put the junk out to be picked up. Got what we could get done there. Our friends had to pick the girls up from school for us. We unpacked the stuff and then went back to get the kids. Then we went to Walmart for some things. Got dinner and then went home. Got the kids ready for bed and sent them to bed. I did some laundry. Watched some TV and went to bed.

Thursday: Got up and got the kids ready. Grabbed some boxes on the way out the door and rushed the kids to school. Brought CJ over to a friend's house to watch for the day. Got our seats out of the van and went to the old place to get the last of our stuff and clean it out. Four loads later and an entire day we finally got everything out. What a relief. Our friend picked Kaitlyn up from school. Natalie had drama so she stayed at school late. We went to get Kaitlyn and CJ and get our seats back in the van and then picked Natalie up from drama. Then we went home finally. I helped Kaitlyn with her homework. Joe started dinner. I put the meat in the freezer finally that we had bought on Tuesday. Helped Natalie with her homework. Brought some things up from the basement. Did some more laundry. Ate dinner. Got the kids ready for bed and sent them to bed. Then Joe and I relaxed for the night. I did some more laundry. Took a shower and went to bed.

Friday: Got up late. Was hoping for a delayed opening due to the snow, but no such luck. So tried to get ready quickly to get to the school for popcorn. Had to search through boxes for the cash box. Got everything together and brought the girls to school. Sent them to have breakfast while we got the popcorn going. Being 15 minutes late put us behind. I had hoped others would get there on time, but no such luck. Scrambled to get the popcorn finished. Then left and went back to the old place to get the last of the garbage and do a quick once over of the cleaning. Got all the garbage loaded in the car and brought it to the school to dump. Went back to the place and took a video of the condition we left it in and some pictures and then left. Came home. Fed CJ lunch and put him down for a nap. I cleaned the bathroom. Joe and I had something to eat and then just hung around. We finally did some unpacking and then I went to pick the girls up from school. I brought the girls home and got their room in order. Made sure they were packed for grandma and grandpas. Then we waited for my dad to arrive. He came and we showed him around a little and then he took the girls. Then Joe, CJ, and I went to Walmart for some stuff and to get something for dinner. We came home and put together our bathroom shelf. Put CJ to bed. Then Joe and I went into our bedroom and watched a movie. We both ended up falling asleep though.

Saturday: Got up to the girls alarm clock going off. Went and shut that off and then went to bed. About and hour later or so CJ got up. Joe went and got him and brought him back into bed with us. We laid with him for another hour or so. Then we got up and had breakfast. I unpacked some more stuff and then we went out. We had to go back to Walmart to exchange something we had gotten that was broken. Then we went to the post office to mail something. Then to the mall to exchange one of CJ's Christmas presents that didn't fit him. Then we came home. Fed CJ lunch and tried to put him down for a nap. He wasn't really having much to do with that though, but we needed him out of our hair. Joe started installing the blinds in the kitchen and I started working on the trim work in the kitchen. It took a while. CJ finally fell asleep, but got up very cranky. I finished up the painting and then got CJ out. I chatted with my cousin about her wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress. Fed CJ. Got him in PJ's. Joe and CJ laid on the couch together while my cousin and I chatted some more. Then we put CJ to bed and I did some things on the computer. Got ready for bed.

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