Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Vacation Sickness

It's February vacation week. We started it off partying hard and then crashed pretty hard. It started Sunday night when we were watching our friend's kids for the evening. Their son was throwing up. They thought he had over ate. He didn't stop though. And then early Monday morning Kaitlyn started throwing up. And as the day wore on Monday Natalie started not feeling well. She wasn't hit as hard. Eventually I heard that our friend's other son was throwing up too. Then Tuesday we got up and everyone was feeling better except Kaitlyn was having "bladder trouble". Her words. She felt like she had to go, but couldn't go. Well, I knew what that sounded like so I called the doctor. Got an appointment for her later that afternoon.

So in the snow we drove to the doctor's office. As we pulled into the parking lot CJ threw up on himself. Ugh, the one I was hoping and praying wouldn't get it has now gotten it. Kaitlyn most likely has a bladder infection. The urinalysis didn't show anything so they are doing cultures, but in the meantime Kaitlyn is on antibiotics. CJ threw up in the doctor's office. They kindly gave us a change of clothes for him and a bag for his dirty shirt. I made the terrifying drive home in the snow and CJ threw up again just before we got home. I cleaned CJ all up and put him down in his crib to rest. Then I started feeling bad. It hit me too. I spent the night between the bathroom and the couch. Joe cooked dinner for him and the girls. I did manage to do some laundry. CJ ended up in the bed with us for the night.

Today I started off the day very achy, tired, and weak. CJ spent the day on the couch not moving much and whining a lot. He's not really eating, but he is drinking. He hasn't thrown up again and so far knock on wood Joe hasn't gotten this too. It hasn't been the most fun February vacation week though that's for sure. At least no one is missing any school for this. Now I am off to give Kaitlyn another dose of her medicine and try to catch up on some of the extra laundry I have gotten over the past few days.