Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Weeks + for a Bunk Bed

As a surprise for the girls we purchased a bunk bed for them 3 weeks ago today. We knew it was on back order. We were told it wouldn't be any more than 3 weeks for it to be in. Well, okay, the price was right and it was a good sturdy bunk bed so we did it. We patiently waited for the call that the bunk bed was in. When I didn't hear anything yesterday I gave them a call to check on the status of it. I was told that they needed to make a phone call and would call me back. I heard nothing.

So first thing this morning I called to find out the status. Still, they hadn't heard anything and were waiting to hear back from the manufacturer. Again, they would call me back. So I waited all day long and heard nothing. So I called again. And while on the phone being told they hadn't heard anything amazingly they were getting a call from the manufacturer. So I waited on hold forever to finally be told that now they are saying it will be in Wednesday or Thursday of NEXT week. What? Seriously? This is a bunk bed we are talking about here. I already paid for it. I already waited the 3 weeks that you said would be the most, but now you are telling me to wait longer. This is not acceptable. So I was told I could have a manager call me back. I said yes I would like to speak to a manager and it had better be today.

Thinking I'd hear nothing again I hung up. Surprisingly though I did get a call right back. However, the manager was ummmm, well less than helpful. I told her I was told it wouldn't be anymore than 3 weeks and she told me no that was not what I was told. That made me angry because when I was in the Bedding Barn purchasing the bed there was only one other person in the store and that was the employee I purchased the bed from. Nope, no manager there. I asked her if she was there. I was pretty irate at this point so I probably raised my voice. She told me she wasn't going to talk to me if I was going to yell. I said to her listen you have my money and I have nothing. You were not there when I made the purchase and have no idea what I was told. So don't try telling me I was not told something that I was told. She said there's nothing she can do for me it's the manufacturer and it will get in when it gets in and it should probably be in next week. Okay so I asked her what's going to happen next week when it's not in. You have my money and I have nothing. I told her I wanted to cancel my order. She told me that was fine. I told her I'd tell all of my friends of this experience and to not shop at Bedding Barn. She was not phased. She did offer to give me a loaner bed. That is more of a hassle though. It's not that my kids don't have a bed because they do. It's just I'm trying to give them a little more room in their bedroom. And having a bed delivered and set up and then taken back when the other one arrives is too much. I told her to cancel my order three times before she finally did it. I'm supposed to be getting my money back. I guess we'll see if I do. So now I have no bunk bed for my girls. No surprise for them either because I'm sure they heard me going back and forth about this on the phone.

I went to make an online complaint and search for another bunk bed to purchase. I think I found one for half the price at Ikea that I like. Bedding Barn called me back though. It was an even higher up person this time though who was much more pleasant to deal with and obviously did not want to lose me as a customer. He has offered to take $50 off the price of the bed if I still want it. I told him I wasn't sure and I'd have to talk to my husband. Now he's saying he's hearing 10-14 days before it will be in so that's even longer than the Wednesday or Thursday of next week. It's really not looking promising. He's supposed to call me if they ever get it in. They are offering me the $50 off and still the free delivery. Joe wants to just completely forget about it. I say if we don't end up finding another one by the time they call me then we should just take them up on their offer. But I'm really liking the bed at Ikea. The price is right too. It's just going to come down to whether or not they can deliver it.

But if you have a Bedding Barn around you don't believe their slogan of everything in stock deliver and take home today or satisfaction guaranteed because really it took an awful lot of yelling and frustration and eventually me canceling my order to get any sort of compensation for not having the item in stock. They are claiming customs problems, but three weeks held up in customs? I mean come on. I think you need to find a new manufacturer. I hope we can get our girls their bunk bed. Too bad we can't keep it the surprise we were trying to make it.


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Great collection of Kids Bunk Bed for decorating your modern kids room.

Ryan said...

I have never had the worst customer service until I went to the bedding barn in Tamarac and delt with Harry. Terrible experience!