Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally, after 3+ Weeks

we got the girls their beds. We had to go to a different place to get them. Bedding Barn did call Friday to say that they would have it in on Tuesday. Too late though. I found a nice bed, cheaper at Ikea. We went with friends to Ikea yesterday for breakfast and shopping. They got a dresser and we got bunk beds.

We all came back to our house to put the bunk beds together. The kids played and ate. The men put the bunk beds together. The women watched it all happen. And when it was done we cleaned up. Then went back to our friends house for dinner and to put together their dresser. It was a long day.

Today we finished the girls room. Moved Natalie's desk and Kaitlyn's dresser. Got everything just so. Although, we do still need a tall book case for the girls books and games it's all coming together.

CJ enjoying the girls new room set up

The girls in their new beds with their new lights on over their heads

The girls are so excited to have their bunk beds. My surprise did not work out as well as I had wanted it to, but we have their beds and we paid less for them. I actually like the looks of this one better than the metal one we had originally purchased. Sorry Bedding Barn, in spite of the difficult to follow directions from Ikea and having to put the bunk bed together and deliver it to ourselves we are much much happier with what we ended up getting. I'm afraid you have lost a customer.